Anime Recommendation Thread

Don’t watch anime.

That’s my recommendation.

Note: This thread is NOT about anime, it’s about recommendations. Recommendations about anything EXCEPT anime. Unless you’re recommending to NOT watch anime, then you can talk about anime, as long as it’s only NOT about anime.

(Obligatory EXCEPT Cowboy Bebop comment, hah stole that from you fuckers, now you have no excuse to talk about anime, cause I already said EXCEPT Cowboy Bebop. Now go…discuss anything that’s NOT anime)

let’s talk about zep’s finished ff6 shrine

Hah! You can’t fool me Cless. I’ve already checked yesterday for a completely unrelated matter.

Now if I were writing the shrine, I’d first find a program that could decompress 7z Zip folders that costs equal to or less than what I’m willing to pay just to decompress a single file.

Maybe Zepp could recommend me some Bitcoins.

I recommend you get outta dodge, Zepp, before you run into trouble.

modz please move this thread to the anime forum

Hello Kitty.

thanks for killing the thread with the second post. jerk.

also extra kill because you have an anime avatar. damn dude.

uguu am i kawaii yet

So I was in the shower this morning and I just started thinking about things (bad jokes) I’ve said to people. All of these occurred while I worked at Walmart.

  1. I was just minding my own business when another coworker came up to me:

Her: Y’know, Jeremy, you’re kinda scary. Like I don’t think I’d wanna run into you in an alley.
Me: That’s ok, you’re not that pretty anyway.

She didn’t like that and then got pissy about me making a rape joke, insinuated she’d been raped, then after I apologized she told me she hadn’t been raped.
Don’t watch anime, lie about getting raped to make someone feel bad for joking with you.

  1. One of my friends at work likes to screw with people. He decided to mess with me one day by telling people that my girlfriend was pregnant. This happened about three times before I went up to him and a couple of other coworkers who were talking.

Him: Oh, hey, it’s Jeremy. Guys, did you know that Jeremy’s girlfriend is pregnant?
Coworkers: Really?
Me: No!
Him: Awww, he doesn’t want anyone to know yet. What do you want Jeremy, a boy or a girl?
Me: Stillbirth.

Don’t watch anime, make your coworkers laugh at dead baby jokes.

  1. For some reason while working I walked up to a bunch of coworkers talking about that Sarah McLachlan song (y’know, Angel) and about how that song is so sad and could go with anything and make it sad.

Me: I dunno, I mean, it’d be weird as shit to see that song in a porn or something. Not sad, just really fucking weird.

Don’t watch anime, make extremely suggestive pelvic thrusts while singing “in the arms of the angel” in the style of DVDA and ruin the song for coworkers forever.

Oh shit, btw guys, did you watch DBZ: Battle of Gods? Resurrection of Freeza is out next year too.

I remember one time watching a bunch of anime with other people and one of those people forgot how to operate a door immediately afterwards. True story.

I also remember these same people despising G-Force/Battle of the Planets/Science Ninja Team Gatchaman because it was cutting into their Generic Harem Anime time. I mean, who the hell remembers Mahourabo?

These are words…definitely words. Pretty sure most of them are English words too. In isolation I could define each one of them. But I gots no idea what the hell is going on when these words are said together.

Cool story bro about the door, though. I forgot how to use a door once too. But it was cause I was really drunk, and also I think some fake Chinese valium was involved. So I apparently shit on my floor outside the bathroom instead, this is what I’ve pieced together from simple logic and no memory of said events. From now on I don’t close the bathroom door anymore…esp. before I go out for a night of heavy drinking. True story.

Edit for context, cause you’re probably wondering why I kept the bathroom door closed anyway. Chinese apartments don’t have the best plumbing. So bathrooms can get a pretty nasty, funky smell. Hence in most Chinese apartments, you will usually find the bathroom doors in a permanent state of closure!

Also I chose this specific image below, cause I was doing a google image search for “The More You Know”, and for some reason this random anime picture showed up. I have no idea what this anime thing means…but it seemed appropriate in this thread. Please don’t discuss the image, cause that would be discussing anime and that’s against the thread rules, even though Cless already killed the thread.

Can we at least talk about Legend of Korra in here? That’s…not-anime.

anime wins again


Can we talk about hentai?

This thread is now ONLY about Legend Of Korra hentai in which the avatars smoke weed 24/7 while jiggling hair follicles back and forth.