Anime personality quiz results

I have taken many anime personality quizzes for Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and some I’ve never even seen before. I was wondering what other people have gotten as well. Please tell me some of your results!

Inuyasha: Inuyasha ( grrr I AM NOT A BOY!!!)

Cowboy Bebop: Ed

Trigun: Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Fuushigi Yuugi: Taske(sp?)

( most of these personality quizzes I took at Just thought you might like to know!)

You’re new here?

Why don’t you post some of the quizzes in the polling forum. For me, they’re fun to do when I’m bored outta my skull. ^^

Oh… maybe I should repost this in the polls section…

It doesnt matter if youre not a boy, its a personality test, it shouldn’t matter what gender you are. Sorry didnt mean to sound like im jumpin on your case. But yay i love all adult swim animes, i think.

Wow, someone actually posted on this? I wasn’t expecting it. This was my first poor attempt at a thread. Eheh…

And it’s not so much that Inuyasha’s a boy (because Wolfwood’s male as well and that’s not bothering me), just that he’s not the kind of boy I’d want to be. It’s even more annoying when my siblings always call me Inuyasha when I get angry. And that just serves to anger me even more so than before. sweat drop Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that…

Yeah, Adult Swim animes rock! I just wish they would get new episodes more often. Me want more IY!

Yeah i dont post much and i dont start new threads cause i can never think of anything really interesting to say… and there won’t be many to post if i do one.

Oh lol i didnt even see that you also got another guy character as a personality and you didn’t say anything about that, im going blind eep!
I hate not seeing all the episodes of the animes. Sometimes i get tired of watching tv all together and damn annoying commericals, that i i stop watching adult swim for awhile. Oh ok i see your point about inuyasha, i might get ticked off as well.

I recently got some extended cable tv channels, and so i get to watch GTO(great teacher onizuka), good show ^ _ ^ i reccommend it.

Oh wait i remembered cartoon network showing gundam, hamtaro, dbz, and flcl, all of which i dont like, though i guess some arent on adult swim but are animes.

Heh, most of the threads that I’ve posted have been quizzes.

I guess getting Inuyasha on every single IY personality quiz isn’t too bad. In fact, I wouldn’t mind it so much if only my brother and sister weren’t always bringing it up… grrr… because to be honest, I am a lot like him.

Great Teacher Onizuka eh? Hmm, what channel is it on? Maybe I could try watching it sometime.

Uh ill have to check later, im too lazy and well my moms asleep in the living room.

Whatever, I can wait. Just PM me when you get the info, k?