anime just ruined my life...

holy crap…i just finished watching this ep of wolfs rain…and the chick and the guy (cher and hubb) just like reconciled thier love…and then they get in a car crash and cher falls off a ice cliff… idk about anyone else but if i was hubb…id fricken kill myself. :bowser: i dont think ill ever be happy again. :bowser: :bowser: :bowser:

<i>Thank you for using the spoiler button - TD</i>

Its ok, anime has ruined all of our lives. Thats why we’re here.

Spoiler tags are your friends. Use them >.<

It’s a good thing I wasn’t watching that anime, because I’d have to kill you know for ruining it.

Practically anyone who posts online is depressed.

That’s my thought, anyway.

Full Metal Alchemist pounds any other anime into the ground. Watch it! :stuck_out_tongue:

If Ed is so great, how come his mom is still dead?

Probably because he pronounces his name with twice as many syllables as it should have.

Eduhwardoh Eluhriquh!!

how do i use that spoiler thingy?oh…that big S thing is how i do it…roxor…sry bout that…did i ruin anyways life cuz of that?

Not really, since Wolds Rain sucks, anyway. Can someone PLEASE tell me what’s so goddamned wonderful about this show? I honestly want to know why people like it.

Have you ever seen an anime caled Evangelion? I felt shattered by it.

Or something indeed.

Don’t watch Grave of Fireflies.

XD! Nulani you always make my day. That anime was sad x.x; I shouldn’t have deleted it for space >.< sigh

If you want something that will really ruin your life, try drugs.


Because bishies who can transform into the noble predator of the wolves are TEH HAWT. At least, that’s what I’ve always understood.

But they don;t transform. From what little I understand about the show, they’re actually wolves all the time, they just use ILLUSION to appear as wolves. Of course, then they do such weird-ass stuff as carrying another of thier own on their back while running, which shouldn’t be at all possible.

Evangelion is the most depressing anime I ever saw

I don’t think anime ever even attempted to ruin my life…that’s why I’d rather watch Family Guy than the Trigun series for the umpteenth time. At least Family Guy lightens your spirit and has the potential to come back.

yeah they dont transform into wolves they are wolves the whole time…and yeah its weird when they carry people on their backs but it shows it at least once where they are carrying them without the illsuion form so its not like they made it a plausible idea instead of far fetched…tho it is still far fetched… but i mean i guess the reason i like the show is cuz it would rock to be able to walk around and have people talk to you while still being a wolf…tho i would def prefer being a panther type ish thing…cuz cats are cooler…

See, thats why you watch anime like One Piece. Fun, energetic and insanely good. Unless it’s the dub by 4Kids, if you watch that then you suck.