Anime Classics

Ok, I want to get into anime. What are the classics, that I should absolutely watch?



Record of Lodoss War (OVA).

Depending on how old something needs to be to be considered a classic Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Otherwise Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Actually, just watch this one.

What are you into? (genres within anime… do you like action, thriller, mecha?)

The way I see it, when watching the classics, you really need to take into consideration the context of when it was made in order to really appreciate how good they are.

all genres… what do you recommend, helios?

Thanks to those who already replied!

Well the best classic to really get you into anime imo would be Cowboy Bebop. It’s a short series that pretty much incorporates all the best aspects of Japanese animation. Ghost in the Shell SAC is another great series that I would highly recommend if you like complex plots weaving in and out of every episode to really get you thinking. Other must sees from me include: Ergo Proxy, Death Note, FMA (both Brotherhood and original), Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force.

Watch the movies too. Studio Ghibli alone is a producer of masterpieces… every single one of their creations is a must see.

If you need some motivation to get into anime, I strongly suggest you sit down and watch Grave of the Fireflies from start to finish to see the true power of anime at it’s finest! :slight_smile:

thanks helios!

Ninja Scrolls.

thanks neiru_3!

FLCL. But you have to see some other anime first.

thanks RPT. of course, I’m going to watch it first because you told me not to :stuck_out_tongue: