Anime Boston!

So, I just got an email from my anime club president and she said that everyone who registered for Animeboston with the club has registered successfully. ^^
This will be the very first time I’ve ever gone to a con(besides one Star Trek one I randomly went to), I’m so excited!
Anyone know what they’re like?
Anyone around the area going to Anime Boston themselves?

I went to Anime Boston a couple years ago. There are usually a bunch of different events/panels to go to, some contests, a great Dealer’s Room, several rooms of anime going at all times, and a videogame room. Just beware of one thing - for some unknown reason, the organizers thought it would be a good idea to hold a rave one night - you had to walk past the door to the room it was in in order to travel between the hotel and the con. Dear god, the everloving stench that came from that room was awful. Unfortunately, with a large gathering like this you end up with a lot of people going around unshowered. It’s rather disgusting.

Never been to one myself. The people (read: those who are no longer capable of distinguishing reality from fantasy and/or think they’re Japanese) who go to conventions scare the bejebus out of me. Have fun though. :slight_smile:

Nah man, its not really like that. Most of the people there are really cool, and you spend most of your time hanging out with friends you already know anyway.

I go to Otakon every year, and i went to Zenkaicon (if this counts) this year too. I don’t really go for the anime so much as the Bemani/game room, but they’re hella fun. You’ll have a good time, since you’re going with a group of people you already know.

I’ve never been to Anime Boston…but 30USD at the door isn’t bad, i might check it out.

I stand corrected then. I’ll have to put “convention” on my list of places to go so I can laugh at my baseless assumptions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going this year. I went last year too, but my parents was misinformed about time, and we only got to stay a few hours.

Conventions are good to go to if only for some of the vendors. Specifically speaking about Otakon, where even Hobby Link Japan has their own table.

If you know where and how to look, you will find very good deals…

I don’t know about Anime Boston, but I think a couple of friends and I may go to Otakon. That would be my first convention. We have Animazement around here, but I’ve never been and don’t really know much about it. I always have a family reunion that weekend.

This cracked me up - on the Otakon website there’s a section reminding people to please bathe daily!