Anime action figures...

So, what do you guys think?

I recently saw a picture of an anime action figure, and it looked really weird! It just wasn’t right at all!

It depends on the artist making them. Usually i find that the face is what looks wrong. Do you have a pic for the anime figure you saw?

Okay, here it is:

I just don’t think they got it right…

Yeah their mouths don’t seem right to me, not really much of facial expression to it maybe. Otherwise the figures are just missing the typical black lines and shadows from the anime. Though making a 3rd figure from a 2d character i bet would be a challenge.

I think Kagome looks like a cabbage patch kid…

Their difugerwed!

er… Disfigured. I so can’t type.

Glances at his Di Gi Charat figurines

Yup, a good idea :wink:

Yeah, it’s all in the artist. Some of the Evangelion ones you can get (NOT the crappy shop-sold ones) are really sweet.

those are probly just pics of the proto types. i subscribe to toyfare and they had a picture of the exact inyuyasha toy. except it looked way better.:moogle: