I finally finished downloading some episodes of Animatrix (Second Renaissance 1 & 2, Detective Story). You’d say ‘so what’ but I actually did it on low bandwith.

Watched them - my god, it’s breathtaking! And disturbing :hyperven: specially the renaissance. I won’t be able to sleep today :noway:

<img src=“”> yeah, the second rennaisance is my favourite as well. Of course, I only saw that, Detective Story and Program, but I’m planning on getting the DVD.

If I’m not mistaken, there is an Animatrix eps on the DVD extra that came with ‘Enter the Matrix’. I have said DVD, but haven’t watched it yet.

meh, I wasn’t especially overwhelmed. I wish the Wachowskis spent less time on that and more on making the first 30-60 minutes of Matrix 2 better.

I’ve seen the first part of Second Renaissance, and I was surprised with the way they made it. I didn’t expect as much… gore, but that made it all the better.

The 4 episodes available online are most of the DVD, I think the only other short on the DVD is “Last Flight of the Osiris.” Which looks really nice, at some parts you’re actually not sure if they’re actors or sprites (Well maybe not, but it comes damn close).

I didn’t really like Second Renaissance part II, I found it was sort of a rip off, its about half the lenght of all the other episodes, and unlike SR part I there’s very little plot, only gore.

Whoa, it’s Dark Sand.

I got a double disc Matrix DVD and it has some stuff on the Animatrix. I dont think it has any actual footage or anything but yea, theres some info on it.

The Animatrix blows FF:TSW out of the water in terms of visuals. When I first saw the Osiris one, I thought it was real >.>

it’s the same people who made FF: TSW, only a couple years older and a helluva lot more fiscally responsible.