Animated avatars

Apparently I can’t upload an animated avatar anymore, although I could before I got 1000 posts.

Is it just messed up permissions or is it how you guys intended to have it?

Are you sure the file size isn’t too big?

I specifically got the message “You may not upload animated images.”

So no, that’s not it. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the record though, filesize on the avatar I tried to upload was 3.42 kb, way smaller than the filesize limit.

You may not upload animated images.


Only reason I asked at all is cause I used to be able to, before I hit 1000 posts. Seems nonsensical to me, is all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny thing is, even if I link to an animated pic in me staff folder, it still won’t let me use it.


The newer version of vBulletin probably disabled animated avatars. Nothing to do with post count, I reckon.

So why is TD’s avatar animated? >.>

Because I am better than you.

Because mods can circumvent the system.