Animated Avatars disabled?

I remember being able to upload the minty fresh OYAJIIIII!!!-Dan a while back but not now.

Board update, or just something I missed?

Yea, happened to me just now as well. Can this be turned back on?

I’m pretty sure you guys are crazy.

<img src=“”>

Well obviously you may not upload animated images. What are you, stupid?

hay guyz, what’s going on in this thread :D~~~~~~~~~~~~¨¨

I’d just like to point out that the blue monstrosity broke my browser and I demand a refund

I guess only mods and admins are allowed them. The rest of you can go eat a dick. >:(

Except that it wasn’t always like this. :frowning: Turn them back on. :too bad:

What the hell is the point of the internet if my avatar can’t dance?

It’s probably some feature that was disabled when Merl upgraded the boards.

I don’t really know what the problem is. Maybe a user group setting? I’ll probably forget to investigate it right about… now.

and by “forget” I mean “it’s fixed”.

If anyone wonders why it’s caused, it’s because the new version of vBulletin supports some things like auto-avatar resizing and shit. To do so, it recreates the images using a freeware PHP Image Editor. I’m pretty sure there’s some lossy support or something for animated images, so there’s a default to them not being enabled, to save processing time.