Animal Crossing question

Hey… ya know that mail thing you get from Nintendo when you start a new town. Well, I deleted a town from the AC card and let Nessa start one of her own, but she didn’t receive a letter from Nintendo giving her the two nes games and a song. Any idea why that happened?

Only happens the first time you ever activate the account. Ev0r.

I think I actually got the bonus twice o_O but I believe you’re right that the first time a town is built on that particular memory card, the bonus is used. I had a town on another memory card with the AC card in another slot and I got the letter in my town! anyway, thanks Cala. btw, cute avvie :moogle:

Actually, I think it’s only when you use the one they give you with the game, but I’m not 100% sure…

And thanks. I like my avvie. :smiley:

It’s only for the first town? No wonder why I didn’t get any stuff in the mail…

And then only for the first person. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th people get nada. All you really get are some NES games. They can be pretty good though. I got Excitebike and the other game that’s like Pac-Man but you hafta find the coins by running through them. Anyone know the name?