Angry DUCKS!!


You’re out of control!

You’re drunk aren’t you?

Awww, they look so angry! :smiley:

THEY’RE NOT DUCKS, THEY’RE CLEARLY SWANS! (or geese or something that ISN’T A DUCK!)

That’s irrelevant. You must contemplate on their anger. ANGRY!!

Aww, they’re cute. :3

I don’t know why but when I look at them they remind me of the old english nobility. The kind that wears white-haired wigs and napoleonese coats.

I hate them.

AAAH! It’s like the angry chickens in Legend of Zelda, only with…DUCKS!!!

I feel their beady eyes staring into my soul

They’re geese, and they’re angry 'cause everyone keeps calling them ducks.

I think I just saw something move in the general direction where the Tower of Babel was once located. Could this be an omen?

They are not angry. Look in their eyes,you’ll see.

I shall give them a book deal.

Except there is an increase on post count for babelish stuff in this area.

Actually, I don’t think so. Charlemagne used to do stuff like this and get away with it, seeing as he seems absent now (correct me if I’m wrong there), it’s just natural that someone else takes the job.

Yeah, but Sinistral.

You see a bunch of angry ducks.

I see dinner for a year.

BTW, it’s pretty obvious what Sin is trying to do here. He’s trying to get into the minds of retards to figure out how to fight them effectively.

Damn you Sinstral! Get the hell out of my mind!

They look so curious and so yummy <3