Angler fish? - BOF3

I can’t seem to find/catch one of these things. I’ve checked where the tips say to (South of Urkan Tapa, Cape by outer sea, etc) and I’m using a Sinker. And believe me, I’ve been trying A LOT.

Any tips or ideas?


Bah finding all fishes on BoF’s is really a pain in the ass imo… some really never show up… I’ve tried many hours sometimes but even BoF4 excelent fishing minigame couldn’t keep me from quitting… has anyone ever got all fishes?

btw i think this would go on the gaming help forum…

The best places to find the Angler are Urkan Tapa and the Cliff- there’s less variety of fishes there. Avoid the Cape- too many fishes there. Try using a Deep Diver. Other than that… just keep trying.

The angler was pretty tough to catch. I don’t remember how to catch one, but I know the best best place to catch one is right by that fish apprentice that talks all funny (He looks kinda like a Manillo). That’s where I always caught it.

And Last Cetra - I caught em all in BoF3, no big deal. I didn’t really like BoF4’s fishing though, so I didn’t even bother.

Heh. Me and my dad have caught all of them. I’m still fishing to see how big of a catch i can get.

But BoF3 has the best fishing system in the BoF series. :slight_smile: