Angel Sanctuary

This is the next anime I want to check out. From reviews and information I have seen about it, it looks pretty good. Anyone have any opinions or comments on it?

I really really enjoyed it. The animation is top quality in my opinion. It just seems sharper and more vivid than the usual anime out there.I only watched it in the english dub and I thought it was great. it’s been a few months since I’ve seen it to I can’t nitpick. As anime, it has it’s average flaws, but I wouldn’t pass AS up…it’s pretty cool, and different. When I first read about it, I expected it to be all angst-y and romantic, and actually it’s from the view of a typical teenager who just has issues, and wants to be with his love and is struggling with his newborn identity…

By the way. I really liked Kira ^_^. He was an enigmatic character if you understand his storyline and he’s also cough cute.

If you’re up for something different, you’ll like it. It still has it’s disturbing factors. I only watched the first DVD, and I’m not sure if there are more.

All right, thanks a lot.

I liked it… ALOT!
Watch it.

Saw it at a slumber party I went to in December, loved it, I want to own it.

Originally posted by Sapphire Falcon
Saw it at a slumber party I went to in December, loved it, I want to own it.

It was my christmas party!!! sorry ^_^;;;

watch the anime then read the manga, which may or may not be available at the anime is only the first three volumes or so, and it skips around and leaves some stuff out.

its my favorite. and yes, kira is rad. iiiiim also a big proponent of lucifer, but he doesnt appear in the anime, unfortunately.