And what do YOU have to give thanks for?

This thread is for those of us who want to post about the things we’re grateful for in our lives. If you feel like saying “nothing” or “my life sucks” please post it elsewhere.

Note this thread isn’t necessarily religious. You don’t have to believe in a Higher Power to be grateful.

What do I have to be grateful for?

*My Life. It isn’t perfect, but dammit, I EXIST, I’ve known Love and Joy and/or had the chance to. And in recent years I’ve come to realize what a rare, fragile thing Life is. Or, as Nulani might put it, “Death is the price we pay for Life.” And very much worth it.

*My Health. Despite the fact that I’ve developed Epilepsy (Yes, it’s true; my apologies for not having told you people before, but I had a hard time dealing with it, at first) I’ve confirmed that it is NOT due to a tumor as I feared. And, my medication seems to have it under control. It could’ve been MUCH worse, folks. Besides, other than that, I’m amazingly healthy; always been.)

*My Family. Like all of us, I’ve had misunderstandings with all of them; but I seem to have fixed all the broken links in recent years. In fact, the whole Epilepsy thing showed me how much they cared about me. Another positive side, I guess.

*My Friends. Again, this year I got to see how much they care about me- nothing proves it more than when they trust THEIR CHILDREN into your care. Also, I’ve grown closer to Valkyrie over ICQ, which surprises me because I’ve NEVER liked real-time chat, and if not for Valk, I wouldn’t have even tried it. Thanks, V.

*RPGC. NO, THIS ISN’T A PUNCHLINE. I mean it! RPGC is both a wonderful source for info, and a great place to post my stuff. More importantly, I feel SAFE here, and I LIKE most of the people here. I only wish I’d had a support group like this when I was growing up.

Thank you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for my mother and sister, my health, and the fact I got over my suicidal point in life. Oh, and Calzones. God’s second-greatest gift to man.

Life, love, and lasers.

Yeah… lasers! \m/

Life, health, family, friends, RPGC for 2 good years I’ve had thus far, and my church for allowing me to feel loved and somewhat needed.

My family - for being proud of me and putting up with me.

My friends - for being my friends, no less!

You guys - for giving me a place to hang out on the Net.

The RPGC Staff - for letting me work for them and do what I’ve always dreamed of doing; writing strategy guides.

And I’m thankful for all of those emulator programmers and ROM sites that allow me to play old NES classics. 8P

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Even though I celebrated mine a month ago, I realize most of you haven’t. 8)

<img src=“”> Ale and whores! …what?

I don’t have to do this, because my Thanksgiving was over almost two months ago dammit!!

I’m just kidding.

I’m thankful I have the right to bitch about all the things I have, which many people do not, sadly. Money, home heating, protective parents, a roof over my head, clothes, etc.

I’m thankful for the person I am.

I’m thankful for the life I have.

I’m thankful for my soon to be fiance! ^^ (one or two ee’s?)

I’m thankful for my health, despite whatever I believe is wrong with me.

I’m thankful for having the opporitunity to type this, when many other bad things are happenining in the world today.

Nice, CC.

We had one of these things in my Euro History class, where we went around the room and everybody said stuff they were thankful for. My favorite one was a (cynical) friend of mine did the little quote thing with his hands and said “free will.” Oh man, I cracked up, everybody was all confused. Man, that was rockin’. Everybody said stuff like “my family,” and while that was always sweet and heartfelt, it was always awesome when somebody said, like, “second semester,” or “mango ice lollipops.”

Anyways, yeah. What I’m most thankful for in this world is…geez.

I’m glad it’s not all over yet? I’m thankful that I’m not dead in my heart and mind and soul (and body), because, frankly, that would really suck. There’s no reason to live if you’re dead. I’m thankful for laughter, and for the little things that bring people together. I’m thankful for the boundless exuberance of health and for the confused delirium of youth. I’m thankful to be blessed with the clarity of mind to see curious, secret smiles from across the classroom, across the oceans, across time. I’m thankful for life and love as well, and to some extent, lasers. I’m thankful for the alien races across time and space, for whose cosmic breaths our world wouldn’t be just the way it is. I’m thankful for quantum physics, chaos mathematics, and the butterfly effect, for reconnecting logic and beauty, science and magic. I, too, am thankful for “free will,” and for the capacity to dream; it is a luxury which, sometimes, I’m not sure I deserve. I’m thankful for each and every person who has loved me, cared about me, thought about me, or devoted to me of their “free will,” energy. I am grateful that they are so sure I deserve it, for all the times that I’m unsure. I’m thankful for inconsequential insanities. I’m thankful for the clear dawn and for its reflection twinkling on the water. I’m thankful for snowy days, and for roses, and for the blush on my cheeks and the smile on my face. I’m thankful for the storytellers, and for every adult who still believes in fairy tales. I’m thankful for my mother and my father and my sisters and my grandparents and my cousins and my aunts and my uncles and every possible permutation, which I realize contains every living thing on this earth. I’m thankful that it does. I’m thankful for every true teacher I’ve ever had in my life; this goes far beyond the bounds of school. I’m thankful for walking the knife-edge line of truth between pleasure and pain, and I’m thankful for the shivering, quivering in my hands right now. I’m thankful for YOU, whoever you may be. I’m thankful for this opportunity to step back and really feel, and for the many other opportunities the world has provided me to pause my own confused blundering for a second. I’m thankful for the darkness; it makes the light that much more wonderful. I’m thankful for the light; it makes the darkness that much more beautiful. I’m thankful for RPGClassics as well; oh god, you have no idea how thankful I am for this place, and I’m being completely sincere. It’s meant a hell of a lot to me, as have you all. I’m thankful for the Old World, the New World, and everything in between. I’m thankful for wonderment and joy and sorrow and apathy and tears; they prove that I am indeed still alive. I’m thankful for fooling myself believing in the clear dawn (golden). I’m thankful for Fate, for Hope, for Love, for Despair, for War, for Madness, and for Endings. As this must End.

-Mazrim Taim


Im thankful that my aunts and uncles couldnt get a flight to our house this year.

>> <<

[li]The fact that im still alive, and in good health
[/li][li]The fact that my dad didnt lose his job
[/li][li]The fact my grandmother is still alive (knock on wood)
Thats pretty much it.

That I have a steady job in the declining IT Field =)

Life, liberty, family, friends, this place (like Wilf said, and I agree totally), the things I have and the people I know who live thousands of miles away.

I’m thankful for my family, and for the fact that reality succeeds in functioning continuously. Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

I’m thankful for … well … what I’ve got, basically.

I’m happy for donuts!

I’m thankful for the possibility that not only is it inevitable that Yar will die someday, I’m probably gonna outlive him.

I’m thankful fer all my fans who think I’m awesome, especially myself!

I’m happy for all the people I know who are like me.


OMG I forgot to mention my education…I am thankful for my education and the fact that I can attend school (bleh) and move onto college. There. I said it. I’M THANKFUL FER SKOOL!

Evangelion: fiancé

I am thankful for:

  1. My chivalric aspirations.
  2. My poetic talent.
  3. My courage to face new challenges in life.
  4. My physical appearance.
  5. My culinary talent.
  6. My loving family and their financial contributions to my education.
  7. My health.
  8. The natural beauty of the world
  9. The fact that I live in a thriving first-world nation which espouses democratic, tolerant and peaceful ideals (well…it tries).
  10. My excellent memory.
  11. The richness of French culture (I am a francophile).
  12. My friends.

I celebrated Thanksgiving in the middle of October, since that is when Canadian it. My thanksgiving celebration thanks Nature for what she has provided that year; not everything in my life for which I am thankful.

applauds Maz

I have no idea where to start. I’m thankful for my past, since it has made me who I am today, and my future as it seems like it will be. I’m thankful for getting the chance to spend 11 months in Canada, and for all the people I met and things I learned, the experiences, sights, lessons and feelings. I’m <i>very</i> thankful for meeting Sereina, my Swiss “sister”, and for getting to visit her this fall. And if so, I am <i>extremely</i> thankful for meeting Raziela, who is so much like me that it’s pleasantly terrifying at times. I’m thankful for her friendship, trust, advice, willingness to listen, encouragement etc. and the opportunity to give the same things to her. I’m thankful for all the years I had my old best friend by my side, and for the fact that she’s not around anymore. I’m thankful for whatever creative abilities I have, for the gift of writing (although I hate to share) and sometimes drawing. I’m thankful for my family, of course, especially for allowing me my solitude and to travel as much as I do. I’m thankful for my boyfriend and every single circumstance around him and our relationship, for his happiness, and for mine. I’m thankful for my life and being born in the country, family and year I was, along with everything that goes with it (education etc.). I’m thankful for having had such luck with teachers in school, for all the conversations I’ve listened to and taken part in. I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met online and offline, and all the different worlds they’ve shown me. I’m thankful for the circumstances which brought me here and to the chat (oh yes…). And now I’m going to have supper, so in short, I’m thankful for everything I can be thankful for. Good times and bad.

does the thankful dance We don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. =P

I’m thankful for:



That robot that was created that knows martial arts

This place because otherwise I’d only use the internet for porn >_>

the free light saber key chain I got with my copy of Jedi Academy.

other stuff I forgot to say I was thankful for.

I’m thankful for many things, but mostly:

My family (for supporting me no matter what).

My friends (for being idiots/funny)

RPGC (for letting me get to know people half way across the world, and for a place to just relax and chat about anything)

The RPGC staff (for all their hard work in making this site what it is today)

My teachers (for helping get started in my A Levels, and for always me nice/funny)

Well that’s the main things, if I listed everything, I’d probably be here until Thanksgiving day.

Well im thankful for

-My life:Im alive and i enjoy it even if its harsh
-My family:They love me and care about me
-My friends:They care about me
-RPGC:People here are very nice and this place always cheers me up and makes me laugh,and to me thats worth more than a million dollars.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody:cool:

I’m thankful for just being alive and able to have many good friends.