And the World has reached a new level of stupidity

Hey, thats some nice photoshop work.

Just look at what the winning bid was.

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Just look at what the winning bid was.

Over $500k US!?!?!1?



Pffft… people have been selling consoles of the future since Real Life Comics back in '01.

I love the fact that the controller has four analog sticks and an infinity button!

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I love the fact that the controller has four analog sticks and an infinity button!

That thing looks more awkward then the original Xbox controller.

but but but, the- the pics arent even of the same machine! one is flat and round, and one is of a upright rectangular shape!

>:( And the analog sticks have lighting on the right side while the ones on the top have it on the LEFT!!!

The controllers next to the upright console seem to have two analog sticks and not four.

More buttons = futuristic

Despite you not having enough fingers to use them.

That guy is [i]good[/]i. The other guy who bought it is dumbshit. ;D

Why would the buy something being sold by an unregistered user?

In the words of the poet Haha (who was quoted in Terry Pratchett’s book “Jingo”):

I cannot believe this man.

Doesn’t anyone besides me find it odd that STart and Select are labelled Begin and Choose, IN ENGLISH!!!

Xelo, show me a controller in japanese. If your theory is correct, there would be four R buttons, 2 Rights, and 2 Refts.

But seriously, I’m almost possitive that they made the controllers say Start and Select in english, cuz like, look at japanese things, half the text is in engrish, so nyaa.

Well concerning the guy who actually bought that, and everyone else who bid on it, they must be THE DUMBEST guys on this earth.
I’m surprised they have not forgotten to breathe, yet!

My arm is getting awfully tired…

points to appropriate quote in sig for the xth time

<img src=“”> So stop doing that, it lost it’s charm at least a year ago.

they must expect you to use the analog sticks with the fleashy pad below your thumbs. The thing also looks like a weird thin slice toaster thingy. I nearly pity the person who bought it.