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Hellz yea. First, no DBZ move; now - Farenhiet 9/11 gets released. The planets are aligned!

Wooh. Again.
Today is worth a cookie.

Yay! Now let’s hope it has some impact.

yeah, anything that helps get a certain warmongering jackass out of office is great in my book. sounds like I may have to talk a few people in to seeing it.


My Fellow Umbrella Stands, … Blow it!

A Bag of Waterfields Cookies For Mr Moore, please.

Big Nutter
UK- August?
(Why Waterfields? Only Miss K. W. and her Baps will keep me telling)

It’s 'bout damn time! I know the US doesn’t care for the Cannes Movie Festival, but anything that wins the golden laurels better get familyrelativefucking released.

I hope it doesn’t blur the lines of its facts, because that will lower the value of the documentary.

This so totaly rocks. But even though this movie is going to be so cool, the best part for me is this.

partnership of Lions Gate Films

If they are talking about the same LGS that is up here on the north shore, SO TOTALY COOL! Yeah. Might not be though… but still, Lions Gate, I don’t think there are many others out there :stuck_out_tongue:


Great! Hoping to see it.

What documentary?

June 25? Not that far away then… pretty cool. :slight_smile: