And the Dumbass of the Year award goes to...

Quoted because it’s an amazing phrase.

I second the motion.

What in the world are you talking about? I don’t understand a word of what you said. seems to be for teenagers–and people who wish they were–to “express themselves” in the most gaudy, excessive, and self-centered ways possible. This seems to take the form of emo and hipster girls soliciting their bodies.

In a Daily Show episode some time ago, this loveable buffoon captured the essence of

“Because when young people get together, we like to, you know, share info.”

this thread is gold.

I wonder how I can use a quarter to pleasure myself?

Answers after this commercial break.

… I don’t WANT to know, Simmer.

I can think of at least three ways off the top of my head.

…I’ve read too many fics.

I can buy some [STRIKE]bubble gum![/STRIKE]prostitutes!