And the Dumbass of the Year award goes to...

Hey, here’s a tip…if you’re plotting something sinister, don’t post it on your MySpace page. (And notice that YET AGAIN the negative influence is placed on violent video games instead of, you know, being f*cked-up in the mind to begin with.)

MySpace: exposing stupid jackasses since its’ inception. Nice.

Yeah, the blurb about video games makes me nervous… ah well. I’d be more looking at the idea of bullying first.

I dunno, I still think that one guywho used a loaded gun with the safety off as a sex toy with his girlfriend to be up there in the ranks.

I hate MySpace, but I wish I saw that message.

Tampon gun ftw

Funny, I thought I was in the running for this one. Oh well, still got 8 months to try for it.

You forgot The Trenchcoats too. So there’s three of the modern scapegoats.

I was positive you were gonna say Setz.

But what about the guy with the pencil in his penis?

I thought the same thing.

what wait no

There are documented cases of screwdrivers put in there too. (Insert joke about “screwing” or “being screwed” here. :P)
That’s why there are specific warnings that you should not do that. (Saw a picture of it, can’t remember where. Probably possible to find it anywhere you’d hear the phrase “lol, internet”.)

My sister wanted me to get on MySpace, and I told her it was a waste of webspace. I do not see any purpose to it all, it’s just a breeding ground for trouble and gossipping.

You’d fit in perfectly with that dramatic of a look at things.

WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING. Really, i get a painful tingling just READING this.

Because never underestimate the power of boredom and the question “How can I use this to achieve orgasm?” because they will find a way. Our ability to pull answers out of our asses is matched only by our curiosity about what we can shove back up them.

Yeah, but I can’t see how anyone could ever possibly be so bored as to attempt putting a screwdriver up their DICK. Maybe if they were drunk, or high, or somethng, but not bored. I fully agree with the last statement, though.

You obviously still have much to learn about humans.

He didn’t know of Viagra, so he did the only reasonable thing. Shoved a pencil down his thing.


But there was one who cut his wang off and used it as a weapon.

I’ve read and said too much.

sounds as bad as the episode of family guy when he inserted his penis in a pencil sharpener or the one with the fan