And that is why... is off limits to any sane minds!

Teh funneh. :smiley:

Heh, thats so true. I’m suprised FF7 or 8 wasn’t used though.

yeah, it’s been done in fic form before quite a few times. Doesn’t stop it from being hilarious though, and the moral of the story still gets across. :smiley:

XD~~~~ :hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

Nothing beats the sketch Bri-chan did for a Chamber of Secrets parody;

EDIT: Ahforgetitabout. Link.

That fourth-panel Lucius is my next avatar. ^^

Haha! So true…

I think i disovered the reason i keep away from most of the fanfiction.

Big Nutter
Sorry Weilla!! Sorry TD!! Sorry Starstorm

Nah, you’re excused, Nutter. We’ll just send you to the Mary Sue mines for five minutes to learn why you should like GOOD fanfiction :slight_smile:

Love it, dudes. More stuff like this, more!

Big Nutter is discovered an uncontrollable laughing fit during reading Rendevous chaper 2, 10 paragraphs in

Where was I?

Some are good but some are wrong-diddly-wrong.

Big Nutter
I Like your stuff, I don’t write fan fiction,

Wow, the strip did such a good job of having horrible content I almost didn’t see the end of it. That means it got the point across.

Worth cookies!

I really like when Shadow enters…

“Fill the empty void of my whine, angsty heart~(heart)”
“Don’t touch me.”

Yeah, this is my new MSN name :stuck_out_tongue: