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swept from existence
taken away from my safety
indulging in wrongness
the sky scrapes my face
clouds suffocate my surroundings
rain stings my skin
air is wearing me thin
tearing eyes, and brittle bones
are reassurance
I’ll die alone

unwanted, chase me
unscathed, wanna taste?
drenched, bitter
soaked, sour
dazed - crooked patterns
film my eyes over
sober - half a year to engage
swivel, to be unstable, to live like me
never giving, never wanting
never wanted

when good things
pretend to be haunting
step on me, stomp you out
rub your eyes, scream and shout
encased silence, free sound
candied dreams eat your heart out
shattered cries disturb the balance
of soft footsteps, are we alive yet?
peer into a mind, take comfort, take choice
misguide you to selfish noise
glaring eyes and wicked grins
detached words of sin
deformed act of punishment
my mind is set
convenience placed
to take the shape
of misgiving, forgotten ways

My unfinished Lymerick

The noob to rpgc was a female
that didnt check all of her email
by the time she got back
she needed some crack
when she saw all the senders were me-male.

The Razielim

With wings of flame and fists of fury,
Unseen avengers fly.
Apart from the world of men,
Free like the wind, they soar and dive.

Darkness fades in their wake,
Demons run in fear.
All becomes silent, the air feels lighter
As the Razielim fly.

Nobody knows who they are,
Or how they got that name,
But nobody cares, for everyone is too busy
Admiring their wodnorous feats.

These avengers don’t care for praise,
They live to carry out their task.
Fighting with heavenly fury,
They appear without warning.

Silent as the dead, fierce like a storm,
Pure like the stars.
These are reborn dreamers,
Back to fight for the Light.

Seraphs of Dawn, radiant beings,
They are the Razielim.
Bringers of justice, warriors of legend,
Avengers of the Fallen.

The final chapter of my quadriad.

<b><u>Hero</u></b> - <u>The Duel</u> Part 4

A horse’s cry echoes through the air,
Piercing the silent night.
A warlord rides into the streets,
Looking for a fight.

He sends his men forward,
To start to burn the town.
Your angers starts to flare up,
As you strike one down.

The new blood drips from your blade,
As another charges you.
You swing as hard as you can,
And slice him in two.

The final one moves towards you,
Evil shimmers in his eyes.
With your blade readied, you charge him,
Releasing a loud cry.

You stab through his chest,
While he cuts your cheek.
Blood splashes the ground below,
As your rage reaches its peak.

Crimson paint coats your edge,
And your memory flashes back.
My death replays in your mind.
The warlord readies his attack.

The warlord charges upon.
Your mind is in a daze.
You feel a hand touch your shoulder,
And you turn unto my gaze.

My smile assures you there’s no grudge,
Then I turn towards the warlord.
You turn, and then I step inside you.
You raise your blade and charge forward.

You feel my soul flowing through you,
Giving you my strength.
Your blade feels quicker than before,
Even with its length.

Your blades clash and sparks fly.
The warlord loses his grip.
His blade is freed, and yours moves on,
Making his throat rip.

His body falls; you drop your blade,
As I step from within you.
I grasp your shoulder, our smiles meet,
Then I fade into the blue.

Your smile continues, though before,
You thought you were zero.
My appearance and assurance made you know,
That you are a hero.

a poem by Ken

  • A poem written by Cybercompost.

Edit: The “A poem by Ken” part is part of it too.


Use yourself as christ
but you will reap what you’ve been sowing
push the ones aside
but you’ll regret it when you’re going

severed… silly…
alone… hell…

Severed like jesus on the cross
Silly you reject the loss
Alone bearing all the pain
Hell is all you’ll gain

and these times
are turning
than you
could ever imagine

… heh this just rolled out… guess this could be for someone I know

Originally posted by Gackt
a poem by Ken

  • A poem written by Cybercompost.

Edit: The “A poem by Ken” part is part of it too. [/b]

And I have a sequel!

a poem by Ken

Man. Inspiration just keeps coming.

a poem by Ken

Blah, I wrote this a little bit ago.
It’s not the best, but I think it means something to me because it’s…
more personal than anything else (meaning I don’t expect anyone to like it.)

<u>By Steven Sherrick</u>
When I look into your beautiful eyes
I can do nothing but fantasize
The feel of your lips
The pressure from your hips

The thought of me beside you
The color of your locks, a golden hue
The smell of your hair
Even now, roses hang in the air

I don’t want to forget
But at this I do fret
My heart shall stay like this
Until I get that kiss

I pick a rose to offer
But alas, I feel it improper
You know not much of me
Or anything I have hope for… we

Maybe it should stay this way
My feelings may eventually go away
But my hearts yells at me to press the issue
And my mind keeps telling me I’ll sorely miss you

Should I let you go, slip away
Like so many others disappeared into the fray
That group that rejected me outright
All because I gave up without a fight

I feel that this may be something real
But I fear my heart would not heal
Which brings me back to my predicament
Maybe I should tell you what this poem meant

right… let’s go again this is a very fucking old one… but i dug it up yesterday and added a few things

Dark Embrace
by Chris van Zetten

As we embrace the dark
with the desire of being together
we took the darkness for granted
as it had always been

In our foolish attempts in the game of love
we embrace
darkness slips
right between
you and me

Our own darkness
The one thing that made us connect
made us fail each other
and our paths led astray
as we depart on to the next chapter
The hunger came back around
and the darkness of our souls
entered the next page without us

Rebirth of an embrace
destined to fail
and history repeats itself

In our foolish attempts
we embrace
darkness slips
right between
you and me

But still, I’ve got this feeling
high on the wings of my deathbed
there must be more, because
not since you left… have the waves come
and even with closed eyes I see you…
Feel your presence, surrounded by darkness

How will I ever forget you

uhm yeah right… as you can see I was inspired by Deftones…

I didn’t write this, but I remember reading it a long time ago and Perc recently copied it for me saying “I’d like it” and I did:

A Warrior’s Creed
I have no parents-I make the heavens and the earth my parents.
I have no home-I make awareness my home.
I have no life or death-I make the tides of breathing my life and death.
I have no divine power-I make honesty my divine power.
I have no means-I make understanding my means.
I have no magic secrets-I make my character my magic secret.
I have no body-I make endurance my body.
I have no eyes-I make the flash of lightning my eyes.
I have no ears-I make sensibility my ears.
I have no limbs-I make promptness my limbs.
I have no strategy-I make ‘unshadowed by thought’ my strategy.
I have no designs-I make ‘seizing opportunity by the forelock’ my design.
I have no miracles-I make right-action my miracles.
I have no principles-I make adaptability to all circumstances my principles.
I have no tactics-I make emptiness and fullness my tactics.
I have no talents-I make ready wit my talent.
I have no friends-I make my mind my friend.
I have no enemy-I make carelessness my enemy.
I have no armour-I make benevolence and righteousness my armour.
I have no castle-I make ‘immovable-mind’ my castle.
I have no sword-I make absence of self my sword.
-Anonymous samurai, fourteenth century

Playing hide and seek in sleepless dreams,
If you don’t look then you can’t see.
Close my eyes and leave the world behind;
Everything is fine, everything is fine.

Disbelieve reality’s truth
While seeking refuge in eternal youth.
Ashes, ashes and we all fall down
Like little ragdolls dropped to the ground.

In the dark, alone, playing games,
Because too many people have no names,
Searching for the light of happiness
Foolish child calls ignorance bliss.

No sticks or stones dare break my bones,
But greater terrors lurk far from home.
The demons I fear most of all
Already rest within my soul.

Not going to post my old stuff…let’s go for something on the spot:

Deep within the hollow shell,
Cries be heard within the dell.
Torn, the ripples ode the pain
Never felt, but once again
Leaving life, gaining breath.

Locked within the secret cell
Lies prisioner of hidden hell.
And yet as if locked by chain
We don’t realize our own feign.
Seeing life, raining death.

Blah…I can’t write right now, even when cheating (I like it helps those words I can’t think of get onto my tounge.)

My favorite poem is Alone, by Poe. I also like Music of the Night (for those who say it’s a song…it’s a poem too). I might like others more, actually, but I can’t think of any.

I’m going to die alone
The crows will come
to eat my eyes
my eyes, my eyes, my eyes.
they’re going to eat my eyes.
My flesh will go
my bones remain
remain remain remain
my bones they willl remain

You may wade thru the toil,
Hoping I will fall,
Burning still the midnight oil,
For nothing is your all.

Endlessly amoungst the spoils,
Standing ever tall,
Yet mind ready as cobra: coiled,
I’m ready for the call.

Another one…I got the first part in my head this morning and just added in the second part now.

I’ve challenged myself to write a poem a day! Day 1 & 2 are kind of cheesy, so here’s Day 3:

Precious pearl
Cast aside
Loss of luster
Stripped of pride

Seamless beauty
Buried deep
Precious pearl,
Oh don’t you weep

Tiny sparkle
Caught the eye
Of the moon
Up in the sky

Her wisdom is
Reflected in
The milky pallor
Of your skin

Precious pearl
Though tossed about,
Do not be
Consumed by doubt

For truth is precious
In it’s right
And truth is beauty
In plain sight

Precious pearl
Now fade away
Save your glow
Cherish the day

When they will see
You full of worth
That you’re a rare find
On the earth

Precious pearl
Oh now I see
That I am you
And you are me


Arg! this was a bitch to right, but I like it.
It’s in JPG format because it’s for school, and because I don’t have anything but word pad and notepad.

Edit: Well, just read my other post. The one after maz’s.

I do like the way you’ve presented it, the way you paid attention to form and structure, and the imagery very much, but I could not finish reading it because so many of the rhymes were so forced and often formed incomplete thoughts. I bet if you went through it carefully you could pick them out. Never, ever leave so many thoughts just dangling there in a poem.

Edit: oh, I’ve been reading a bunch of poetry here, and I just wanna say that rhyming and rhyme schemes really aren’t all that important - they’re just tools that you can use, to help create the rhythm of the poem - that is, how it sounds when it’s read, and the point of poetry is to be able to get that rhythm to convey, in part, what you’re trying to say in the poem - that’s what makes poetry different from prose. It’s like a song without melody or instrumentation, just rhythmic words.

Hmm, I wrote some neat poems awhile back…my teacher liked them at least, and I respect her a lot, so like…here are the best of them. They’re not super-deep like some of these or nothing, but they are pretty, I hope. Charle, I stole a phrase from you for the last poem cause I liked it a lot, sorry.

I Just Want to Say

I got your letter
and read it from the outside
The part about the bus driver
made me laugh.

And I hope you will forgive me
my late reply, however
I have misplaced my most beautiful paper.

you know how long I take
to find things.
and you know I’ll get around to replying

Another Cookie

i would give the world for
another cookie

milk dripping off

crumbs falling
into milk

tasting like mom made them

A Poem to the Mariachi Singer (Almost Like the Opening Sequence to Desperado)

he’s the one they all wanna be
he’s the gentleman songster, and who could believe they’d be
so close to him, and him singing all night long, to them
the muchachas, they give him their money and their amor
and he loves them for it like he loves staring up at the stars
up at the moon
la luna
his brown-eyed beauty of his corazón
his guitar strumming
his foot tapping
breath drawn in
he starts to sing
and they love him all over again, even though he sings
about drinking tequilas till he drowns
about his infidelity and his freedom and
by all accounts he should be run out of town but
even the grandmothers are clapping now
ay, ay, ay, ay! he cries to the moon through his guitar
so far away they can only gaze stupefied, as he
howls like a wolf to the moon

<b>My Fight</b>
Story begins in a churchyard
Finale with this simple bard
Upon a mountain, where it ends
At such height that vision bends

The protagonist is now bleeding
His adversary’s mind… kneading
Sunlight reflects up off the blades
Sweat drips down to the sun-dried glades

Below runs a beautiful creek
A drop of blood runs down his cheek
Yet before I finish this rhyme
Maybe I should take extra time

Finish so great a sotry
Though it may be a bit gory
Nothing that happens, too in depth
Just until they both meet their death

The feud began many years aback
One man decided to attack
The reasoning behind it, not known
Although, out of proportion blown

Full of impotent rage and hate
Both men decided to debate
One would lash the other with words
And it all would end with their swords

For a long time they did fight
Even after it was set right
Neither one thinking to acquiesce
Putting each other to the test

Finally it came to a head
And one would have the other dead
And then a day would come to pass
When one would fall unto the grass

They had forgotten such a reason
At least they did for this season
All that was left; harsh words in tides
And all their friends had chosen sides

Both fronts met at one single place
Causing a raucous to save face
Not caring, even for their lives
All gathering, sharpening knives

Curses flew, one side to one side
Many swift, silent, curt, or snide
Some of them small, the rest were tall
But all in all, they took their fall

After the fighting ceased to be
All eyes were then square upon me
Yes, I am he who fought the fight
I, the one who thought he was right

Threw my friends upon each other
One man fought his only brother
Mother destroyed by her own son
I should die, back then it was fun

I was very shameful back then
I am sorry for all those men
They wasted their lives just for me
Me… me and my philosophy

I wrongly fought for stupid rights
All the while, picking these fights
All the time, forgetting myself
Putting my mind upon a shelf

Little did I think about life
Took for granted, even my wife
Now I stand here, lost and confused
Feeling like I had just been used

Even though not once had I been used
At this thought I have bemused
Fury slowly boiled in my head
He should not have left me for dead

Slowly recounting everything
I had begun hoping… waiting
I fought long and hard for this night
The night when all things would be right

My plan coming to fruition
Accordance with my suspicion
He left me live just for the torture
Such a pain… there is no suture

His life shant grow any longer
I have now become much stronger
His life is now mine to forfeit
I should have died on the pulpit

I’m nothing but a dead man now
I just keep asking why and how
Sliding the sword into its sheath
My trek begins across the heath

Now I stand. Right? Wrong? No matter
All that is shall be the patter
Soft beating of a dying heart
Sobs surging through his new sweetheart

I don’t twitch at such a thought
At that I’m not even distraught
Bringing all the courage I could
I passed his door, made of basswood

Pulling my sword with a slight clink
Flying through doors in just a blink
Guards trying to stop my movements
Their lives ended in short moments

Though my blade was cleaned of the gore
My soul… tarnished forever more
Charging through the home that is his
I passed by someone? Just his Ms.

Spinning around to take her down
By now it is nearly sundown
I throw my blad all through the air
I hear a sickening slice there

There was no mercy to be handed
Only hatred had expanded
Humanity seeped out of me
I pulled the blade 'til it was free

The look on her faced chilled me through
I bid her a silent adieu
Her life cut so violently short
Too bad I had no time for retort

A loud thud from the corner ahead
A monstrosity showed its head
Larger than myself by two feet
Behind it, a cleaver of meat

The size double that of the norm
More than able to cause harm
A few well aimed slices here, there
It was enough to split his hair

Falling over his lifeless build
Surprised I had not yet been killed
My mind had slowly turned to mud
Vision blurring from all the blood

Metal met wood, sword cutting deep
I fled outside through a window
Any fall from here would be steep
Next came a bottle of Bordeaux

The glass shattered next to my face
Shards of it found their final place
My reddened visage was laid bare
Blood had finished matting my hair

I sent a curse throughout the night
Grabbed my sword and made to take flight
A bowstring’s twang in the night air
An arrow burrowed in my hair

I panic, can’t seem to tear free
Someone comes running towards me
I grab the arrow in my hair
Throwing it without any care

The arrow whizzed toward its owner
He didn’t live too much longer
It bit deep into the man’s face
He tossed his head, stumbled a pace

Window burst open once again
And through it this time came no man
It was some woman powerhouse
Protecting her one would-be spouse

I stumbled up, caught my balance
She landed harshly with a trounce
Her outfit had me enamoured
But my mind would not be so glamoured

I grabbed my sword just once again
Her movement that of a… chicken
A fighting style… so off-base
No protection for such a face

Movements sluggish from exhaustion
I almost died from that last one
Her body slumped to the ground
I dive sideways, hearing a sound

An explosion rips through the hall
It’s emanating from a ball
Bouncing down the hallway, to me
Blood in my eyes, it’s hard to see

It rolls straight in my running path
By that time I had done the math
Dodging would not save my sad life
Charging forward, just for my wife

I throw down my blade, clanging there
Running my hands throughout the air
My arms apart, welcoming death
Smelling the air, it’s my last breath

My heart races just like the ball
It strikes my chest, and down I fall
Pain tears its way through me, burning
I breathe out and lie there, crying

My eyes, searching through the heavens
Nothing, my chest is in ribbons
Breathing can’t happen, all a blur
What fate upon me has incurred

I close my eyes, breathing comes back
Heart racing, as if 'round a track
I hear a voice, far off out there
Could open my eyes, do I dare?

Sweat drips down the side of my head
Faintly I sense the smell of bread
Open my eyes, all is silent
Sounds of morning breach the quiet

I slide the covers from my face
Another dull day, human race
Such a quiet town, friends flourish
Many people have but one wish

Walk into the kitchen for my food
Looking around for cuts in wood
Sighing as I turn on the light
Maybe more adventure tonight

Wow…thats really good… ^^