And now... The Smurfs.

The unlikely adaptations keep coming, folks. Now it’s- Live Action Smurfs!:
(Well, CGI with Live Action parts, apparently. Unless those are puppets.)

It’s too early to judge, but it seems like they might be ripping off the concept from “Enchanted” (great movie btw) with the Blue Ones coming to New York. I cringe at the possibilities ( gay Vanity Smurf jokes?). But hey, Enchanted made it work, and Hank Azaria does make a great Gargamel, so who knows? It might be good.

Still, I must admit the Smurfs is one of the few properties where the art style was as much part of the setting as the characters, so really, why not just do a traditional animation movie? Seriously, sometimes I feel like producers are just pulling ideas out of a hat.

How the fuck is this anime?



Smurf and the city. Coming this fall.

I’m just going to sit here and blink, looking dumbfounded, for a while.

So Hollywood really has given up and started hiring from

Suddenly this seems so relevant.

Okay, here’s more info on the movie:

Meh, doesn’t sound like much. Wait, SOFIA VERGARA is one of the villains!?! SOLD!!!

And how about (ex)Pee Wee Herman as Jokey Smurf? No, I’m not going to make the obligatory joke (and I hope the movie doesn’t either!)

And just when I thought they COULDN’T get any more unlikely movie adaptations…

Suddenly, that “Minesweeper: The Movie” fake trailer on Youtube doesn’t look so absurd, does it?

Sir, it has come to my attention that you sir, are getting trolled.

Hollywood isn’t THAT hard up for ideas yet. They’ve still got at least two more Harry Potter and Twilight films to milk (especially when you consider just how much they cleaned house on the MTV Movie Awards or More Twilight Video Movie Awards). Plus now that Gary Coleman died recently, it would be the perfect time for Hollywood to make a Diff’rent Strokes film.