And now, I shall read you an epic Starcraft story


In the spirit of the season, it is of course a horror story. Okay, so the author thinks it’s a romance, but I think she just got her tags mixed up. It happens so easily. I mentioned this in another thread, and finally got around to finishing and uploading it. So take this one chance to hear me read a story.

Also it’s probably the only time I’ll talk about, err, roosters.

Oi. In other words, there’s some adult language in this, but it’s frankly just laughable.

By the way, it might seem to be going straight downhill into pornsville a couple of times, but fear not! This is a coy story. Or something.

(Now let’s hope Youtube doesn’t mess this up with oversea server blockades or something. It does happen occassionally, I’ve learned.)



It would be fun if somebody brave enough to watch it all the way through would film themselves. :slight_smile:

I could film myself, but I don’t think it would be very interesting. After all, I’ve probably seen/heard/read/played worse already. :wink:
(Plus my webcam is absolute shit.)

Yeah, you probably have XD I would mostly have liked to see reactions from Sin and the rest of the Starcraft oldies :smiley:

I was thinking about the one where a few RPGCers were playing Starcraft and someone kept launching nukes.

A nuke might have improved the situation seen in this fic immensely, yes. :slight_smile:


P.S. Timed for Halloween I see.

edit: And there I thought we were friends. There was generally gnashing of teeth at the 1-3-5-7 minute marks and, er, perhaps chapter one should remain the unfinished masterwork of the author. Extra points for the breaks to stifle the rising laughter.

If I ever switch to humanities I’ve got the subject of my Ph.D ready.

Thanks for the effort

P.S. 2: Pale: 4


Maybe I should have saved some of the failed takes, I sounded like I was losing my mind a couple of times, haha. What can I say, welcome to my world :smiley:

Oh, but I must read the second chapter sometime. The author somehow finds a way to turn Fenix even more pathetic (with pardon to people actually living what she inflicts on him; it’s obvious that is the only reason) and vulnerable.

Cavelcade: Because I love ya’ll so huggie muggie much, of coruse :slight_smile: