And I Was Humbled (Adventure of Link/Ocarina of Time Crossover, unfinished.)

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And I Was Humbled

A Legend of Zelda fic by StarStorm


Blood. Blood was on my hands. Blood I had never shed, and blood I didn’t want to see. My father was dead, a Moblin spear through his heart. His blood was on my hands. And I cried.

It was the first time I really, truly cried. Before, I would cry about how kids teased me, or how I looked awful, or my parents or handmaidens being so mean to me. Little girl stuff. But when I saw my parents dead, along with the entire Royal Guard, some who were just playing with the cute little princess just the day before…

I cried. I couldn’t help it.

“If there’s so much a scratch on her head, I will NOT let them die, understand?”

The moblin who owned the spear that killed my father picked me up. Roughly, but not roughly enough to incur his master’s wrath. When I opened my eyes, it was to gaze at Ganon. I had been taken by the Evil King, the terror of Hyrule. He smiled piggishly. “Perfect. We’re going on a little trip, my dear Princess…”

Next think I knew, I was in a cell. A sumptuous cell, but a cell nonetheless. At least Ganon had shown some sort of hospitality. A nice, soft bed, books to read, well lit. A moblin would slide food through a slot in the door. Good food, at that. Still a prisoner though. Ganon had made his terms to me: Either marry him, or give him the Triforce of Wisdom. The treasure of the Royal Family of Hyrule, one of the pieces of the sacred Triforce. Ganon possessed the seconr, that of Power. The Triforce of Courage was long lost.

If only my parents had not shattered the Triforce of Wisdom… perhaps I wouldn’t be here. The Triforce of Wisdom protected up, but they had chosen to lose that protection instead of allowing it to fall into Ganon’s hands. And a few days after we fled Hyrule City, we were ambushed by Ganon’s forces.

If only… so much blood.

I spent most of my time crying. If there was a way I could have helped protect them, protect everyone… Every scenario in my mind had me protecting them, much like our loyal guard did. Ending in victory, with Ganon slain or running away with his tail between his legs. And it only hurt more. Realistically, there was nothing I could do, but I didn’t believe it.

Fast forward a few months. Things changed little, I just ate, read, slept… whatever I could do so I wouldn’t go insane in the depths of Death Mountain. Things changed then. The door opened, and Ganon entered, three Moblins at his side. He came each day, to renew his demand. I had my answer ready.

“I’ll rot here before I marry your ugly ass.” A princess doesn’t curse. A prisoner does.

Ganon pretended to look shocked. “My, my, Zelda. Don’t you have a dirty mouth? Too bad your parents aren’t around to wash it out.”

“Go to hell, pork chop.”

He shook his head, and unconvincingly faked affront. “No, no. My demand will come later, and while it would be enjoyable to verbally spar with you, I’m afraid I must decline. You’re in for a change of scenery.”

I raised my eyebrow. Something was wrong. “Why?”

Ganon shrugged diffifently. “No reason. Maybe a better chamber will make you more pliable.”

“You mean cell.”

Ganon stroked his finger with a cheek. “Indeed. But I’m offering my own bedchambers, for a short while.”

“No. Just no.” I snarled as viciously as I could. Judging from the Moblins’ laughter, it wasn’t much.

Ganon laughed as well. “You see, there is a problem. You dont’ have a choice. Take her.”

The Moblins picked me up carefully and restrained me. Like there was much I could do. And my poor, terrified brain tried to alternately figure out why Ganon wanted me in his bedchamber, and blocking those images out.

Well, at the very least, it wasn’t how I expected. Ganon didn’t come into the chambers to force himself upon me. But every time I peeked out… Ganon seemed nervous. As if he was expecting someone. But who?..

“GET BACK IN THERE!” Ganon shouted as he found me peeking out for the umpteenth time. I backed back into the room and shut the door. I could hear locks latching in a hurry. Ganon’s upset about something, apparently…

I sighed and settled in to read a romance novel. It was something to do.

A few hours later, I lifted my head to hear the sounds of battle. VERY ferocious battle. I wondered for a moment why there was fighting, and then I looked at the book, and understood why he seemed so upset. Someone must have come to rescue me! FINALLY! I was out of here!

A loud, porcine scream came from the other room. My rescuer must have defeated Ganon! After all this time, I was free!

And then I looked in the mirror. I’m a MESS! I better fix myself up before he comes in…

And sweeps me off my feet. Mmmm I like that idea. I looked at the book and laughed softly as I hurried about to make myself presentable, then back into the bed and look cutely bored while reading the novel.

And then the door opened. I looked up with a smile I hoped was enticing. “I have been waiting for… so… long.”

I tried not to obviously look at the cover of my novel. On the cover was a beautiful maiden, in the arms of a muscular blond man. Blond hair that never ended and carved physique I’d drool to get my arms around.

Then I looked up at the door. The Triforces of Power and Wisdom circled about his head. He had managed to assemble it. But the rest of him was… nondescript. Green tunic, with a green hat covering dirty blonde hair. Rather lanky, and a face that almost looked feminine. I almost thought he was a girl, younger than I at that. Nothing at all like Philavio. He looked rather nervous, actually, as if unsure what to say.

Oh screw it. I’ll go and say it. “… For someone to rescue me. Thank you… what is your name?”

He blushed, as if he never expected to meet me. “Link. My name is Link.”

"Thank you Link. I nodded, and tried not to be too disappointed. After all, he did rescue me and everything… I stood up and tossed the book away, quickly. Maybe too quickly, and wrapped my arms around him. Feels a bit wiry actually. And then kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you Link. You have my eternal gratitude, as well as all of Hyrule’s.”

He turned even redder and nodded, backing away quickly. “We need to go now, before we have all of Death Mountain on top of us.”

Not a good thought. I dropped the princess act, a little bit at least. “Let’s go then. But first, may I have my treaure returned to me?”

He gave me the Triforce of Wisdom rather quickly, and did not question me. And then we hurried out of Death Mountain, and back to Hyrule Castle.

Chapter 1

I woke up to the early morning sun. My parents thought I should sleep in this chamber, where the slightest glimmer of sunlight would awaken me. Thanks Mom, thanks Dad. Then I remembered that they were long gone and tried not to break into tears again. It wouldn’t do to have my handmaidens come upon me crying again.

I had the dream again. Three years ago. Three years ago Ganon kidnapped me and killed my parents. And I still dream about it. I felt cold and alone…

No time for that. I have a kingdom to run. After a few small things to take care of, first.

First was breakfast. Of course, it was expected to have my Champion with me during meals. Link lived with me, in Hyrule Castle, from the day he brought me home. To my joy, Impa had survived. She was an old and wise woman, and I loved her almost like my mother. She was a true friend to me. She was there too.

And Link. Link of all people. I liked him, actually. He was a genuinely nice person… at least once he stopped eyeing me like a lovelorn puppy. He wasn’t very good at hiding his emotions, I had learned. He tried to, but it was pretty obvious that my Champion was hopelessly in love for me.

I like him, but… I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. It’s hard to describe. He’s done so much for me, and yet, I just couldn’t. I just didn’t feel that way toward him.

I turned away from his gaze, looking toward Impa. I just couldn’t stand it sometimes.

Breakfast was quickly finished, and the first thing of the day, while I was still fresh, was archery practice. Link was my teacher: he was quite the accomplished archer, considering he put an arrow through Ganon’s forehead. At least we all considered him that. He was more humble about it, but still rather eager to teach me, at my insistance.

Most of the castle thought that I, as the Princess, had no business learning archery. But I had it with being unable to protect myself. Next time, it would be different. Next time I’d be strong enough to be my own Champion. Link agreed with me. Or actually, I think his heart made him agree. He certainly used the opportunity to be close to me.

“Link, aren’t you supposed to be helping me aim at the target, instead of my cleavage?” He looks rather cute when he blushes.

“Truly sorry, Your Highness.” He looked determinedly up at the target. “Now, don’t bother firing when I tell you to. Fire when you feel you’re ready and have the target in sight. Don’t just aim, but feel your target moving.”

I knew the deal already, but it was nice of him to remind me. I let go of the bowstring, and felt exhilarated when the arrow struck the bullseye. He practically ran over to the target to examine it. “Dead center again Your Highness!”

I smiled and he blushed again. “You could become a very good archer!”

“Thank you.” I bowed my head gracefully. “How about a moving target?”

He nodded and turned to pick up a wooden shield with the target painted on it, already marked with previous shots I had made.

The idea of this excerise would be for me to strike the target while Link ran around it, with the shield facing me. Without injuring Link. I remember the first time we did this excersize. I practically panicked as nurses came in to pull the arrow from his leg and administer healing potions.

This time I didn’t panic. He started running as fast as he could, and I drew each arrow and let it fly, timing it to my deliberatly slow breaths. Breathe in, take an arrow and nock it. Breathe out, take aim. And at the pause before I took another breath I fired.

Bullseye. Bullseye. Bullseye. Each arrow either split an arrow before it or struck very near it. Bullseye.

Once I fired my last arrow, I gave him the signal and he stopped, examining the target. He beamed at me, and I returned the expression. And he blushed yet again. “I-Im-Impressive, Zel… Your Highness!”

I almost laughed as he corrected himself. I had made it known that I cared not wether he called me “Your Highness” or simply “Zelda”. He stuck to the honorifics, anyway. If it was out of respect, or love, I wasn’t sure.

“Thank you, again, my Champion.” Oh well. I used to his title as well. The times when we actually called each other by name were rare…

He nodded. “We should be returning to the castle, Your Highness. It is almost time for lunch…” Had it really been that long?

We started our trip to the castle, when Impa accosted us. “I’m sorry to interrupt you two, but I need to speak with Zelda, privately.” She smiled affectionately at Link, and he nodded with a chuckle. “Don’t need my permission. I’ll speak with you two later Your Highness, Impa?” He bowed and continued the trip into the castle.

“It is his birthday, five days hence, you realize?” Impa was straight and to the point. I liked that.

“How could I forget?” I laughed and rolled my eyes in mock exasperation.

Impa laughed as well. “Link is coming of age, Zelda. It would only be right if you did something very nice for him, as he is your Champion.”

I nodded. “I know. And I have it planned. Don’t worry, Impa, it will be a birthday he will never forget.”

Chapter 2

Oh and it wasn’t. When I saw him again, he was pale. Not in the casual clothes he usually wore even, but in full adventuring gear. As I had first met him, over three years ago…

I blinked and raised my eyebrow. Something was up. Impa was strangely silent too, and she often talked on and on. “What is wrong, my Champion? Are you leaving me?”

Link nodded quickly, shaking beats of sweat on the table. He was definately upset about something. “Have to. No choice.”

I was puzzled. “But… why? Is it important?”

“Very important.” Impa said softly. They were hiding something from me…

“What is so important that my Champion must be away?” I tried to sound polite, and to keep the annoyance from my lips.

Impa smiled a bit. “Do not worry, Your Highness. He will return. But he must be off…”

Link nodded again. “I promise, as your Champion, I will return.” He took my hand and smiled nervously at me.

“But what about… archery and…”

Link laughed. “You are good. Better than good. One of the best I’ve seen. If any evil monsters come anywhere near you, they’ll probably be dead as soon as they met your eye.”

I blushed and laughed myself. “Oh, very well. You have my permission to depart, my Champion. But you must promise to return alive and well.”

He nodded quickly. “I promise.”

After breakfast, he was off. And as Impa watched over me practicing with my bow, I tried to get her to tell me what was so important that Link had to hurry off so quickly. Before I had even shown him his surprise, even. And all she said was “Matters of great importance to Hyrule.”

I turned as I let go of the arrow, and it struck a nearby tree. “Is Hyrule in danger?”

Impa shook her head. “No. Hyrule is not… but…”

I let my impatience go for once. “But WHAT, Impa? If it’s important to Hyrule, it’s important to me!”

She sat down and sighed. “Sit down Zelda. You may not like hearing this…”

I sat down as she continued. “Link bears the mark of the Triforce on his left hand. He had shown it to me as he awoke…”

“Your point?”

“Do you remember the legends surrounding the Triforce of Courage?”

I shook my head. “No…”

Impa closed her eyes and sighed. “He who bears the Power of Gold shall be the true King of Hyrule. And there is Wisdom, Power, and Courage.”

“So…” I blinked as my mind ran across the possibilities.

“Link already holds Wisdom and Power. And the mark on his hand is that of Courage. The Triforce of Courage is calling out to him, Zelda. And once he holds it…”

“Link would be King of Hyrule…” My voice cracked. Not expected. And not good. I liked Link, but I would not be his Queen. It would not be fair to him… and if he married…

I did not like hearing it at all. I was supposed to be the Queen of Hyrule! I was supposed to be… but… I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.

“Your Highness, Zelda…” Impa reached out for my hand. “I know you do not… love him, but…”

I shook my head. “He is my friend, still, Impa. It would not be fair to him. But I will not stop him. If it is his destiny, then he must follow it.” I stood up and tried to walk away. No use. I just started to run. And I kept running until I was in my chambers.

I fell on my bed, crying. I had tried so hard, SO HARD, to prove myself worthy of protecting my people, so I would not fail them again like I had my parents.

Never since I was kidnapped had I felt so weak. It was his destiny to protect my people. A young hunter boy from the woods would protect them. And I couldn’t. I could not protect them. But I couldn’t just stand and watch…if I did, I would fail them.

No. I will NOT fail them. But I needed a solution. I need a way to show myself worthy as their defender. How would I do it…

Of course! I wiped my tears away and left my room, making my way to the castle to the Altar of the Triforce. Where the

Triforces of Wisdom and Power were kept. Link had not taken them with him, perhaps out of humility. And I had consulted with the Triforce of Wisdom before…

The scared artifacts shone brightly as I approched them. Just before the altar, I knelt and gave it my prayer. “Please… please, by the Goddesses… show me how I can protect my people. Show me how I could protect Hyrule. Tell me… please…”

To another who was standing near me, it would seem as if the two pieces just shone and sort of… whined, erratically. But as the Triforce’s supplicant, I heard it’s whispers. I heard the answer.

<i>Shadow… Tem… ple… Learn… in the… Sha… dow Temple… Seek… out the ancient… Shiek… ah</i>

And it was an answer I liked.

Chapter 3

Later, that day, I met with Impa. “Impa, I have a great favor to ask of you…”

Impa nodded and sat down. “What is it, my dear?”

I sighed and sat down myself. “I must leave myself, and take a journey of my own…”

Impa raised an eyebrow. “Why, Zelda?”

I shook my head. “I cannot say. But I will return. I need you to take care of Hyrule in my absence. And… to make sure noone learns of of my departure. Absolutely noone.”

Impa nodded, but looked troubled. I sighed. “I will be fine Impa, I know what I must do. But I have to leave shortly… Do not worry. I can take care of myself.”

Impa laughed nervously. “I have no doubt. But…”

I smiled. “Do not worry, Impa, I will be fine, and so will you. Say that I am ill or that I left with Link. But I must go.”


“I will leave tomorrow.” I sighed and looked off. If only the Triforce had told me where the Shadow Temple had been…

“Very well, Zelda. Just be careful, understand? Hyrule could not stand losing its’ beloved princess…”

Meanwhile, in a dark chamber, on what could be called as another realm of existance…

“So she is leaving, then?” A young, feminine voice spoke up.

A deeper, male voice answered. “Yes. But is she doing this for the right reason? Her deisre to protect her lands is great, but…”

“The desire to protect has been warped to evil ends before…” Another male voice, not as deep, but resounding and authorative nonetheless.

A second female replied to that. Her voice was almost musical. “Very true. But if she is guided…”

A third female laughed. Her voice was seemed almost breathy. It would remind one of a gentle breeze over a desert. “Ganondorf would almost be proud, if he was not as jealous.”

Each of them chuckled slightly, before a fourth woman spoke. “Yes, properly guided, she could do a lot of good. But she must learn. We can’t let her be like this if she does not learn of the drawbacks of the power she seeks.”

A hand waved toward the image. “Then is it decided?” The hand belonged to the last shadow of the group, another woman.

Voices of assent rung through the chamber, as the hand turned to the first man… “Then will you guide her to the Shadow Temple?”

The man nodded. “You will owe me for this. I have not left this temple in years. I have quite a bit of time in reserve.”

The woman snickered. “Not much. Just go and do it.”

The man laughed, “As you wish,” and turned to the door.

The remaining six turned toward the image, and watched intently…

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