And here's one for the FFXIers


that is so true


I’m wondering if that’s not based off of the Caitsith server… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a bunch of those names running around.

And that was true before the PS2 launch, too. ::dekar!::

I do that too.

And many, many more.

I’ve noticed that the majority of people who use “Cloud”, “Squall”, or “Sephiroth” as their names for online games are idiots.

I’ve seen a party on the Fenrir server who’s members consisted of



And since FFXI isn’t local to PCs anymore, shouldn’t this be in the main forum?

Starcraft is on the N64, so all the Starcraft related posts should be on the main forum then?

I can sorta understand where he was coming from with that, but Starcraft 64 sucked. I mean, REALLY sucked. You can NOT play an RTS game with a controller, and you REALLY can’t play one if your opponent can see everything you’re doing.

All the same, this just seemed like the most appropriate place to put this at the moment.

All 5 copies of SC 64 that were sold sucked! Each one more than the one before it.

No SuperSayian14SephirothGokuFusionX?

I’m sure there would have been hadn’t it been too long.

Interestingly enough, I’ve actually seen that homedepot guy before. Kinda makes me wish I started playing before it was released on PS2.

ooka are you making fun of me?

You wouldn’t be surprised at the number of mules I’ve seen with names like Kmart and Grocerystore or even Tarumart or Galkastore on Cerberus. I saw someone named Beertaru who was selling juice!!

The linkshell I’m in (Odins’s Heros) calls them PS2bies.

I have also seen someone named SephirothJ sevral times. Once when I was waiting on a raise.

I normaly avoid people like that, I mean, if you can’t be any more original.

By the way, if you ever stop by the Odin server, I’m Dyamalos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Necropost, I know, but I couldn’t resist.

That picture with attacking the biggest monster seems so familiar… almost like that happened to me a few nights ago…

You play FFXI, Kagon? Or are you referring to RO?

I honestly dont think i have laughed that hard.