Ancient Wizardry rides again!

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The Book, the Blade
and the Stone

Orion was having another one of his weird dreams.

He was walking down a long, dark corridor that was dimly illuminated by a torch he was carrying. He was looking for something, though he was not sure what.
Suddenly, his torch went out. Everything was dark. Orion called out, but no-one responded. His voice didn’t even echo.
He started walking forward. After walking a few feet, he bumped into something and fell.

When he got up, the room was well lit. Standing side by side in front of him were Phantasm and Nightshade.
Nightshade’s red lips were curled into a smile.
She pointed at something behind Orion, and he turned around.

The next thing he saw was Lazear, holding what looked like a shovel. Suddenly, she pulled the shovel back and swung it forward. Orion cringed, awaiting the incoming pain…

“Hey, I think he’s waking up!”

Orion blinked several times. He had no idea where he was. All he know was that he was lying on the floor and there was a dull throbbing within his head.

He sat up and blinked a few more times, then rubbed his eyes.

He looked up, and was staring into the face of Mox.

“Glad ta see that yer finally awake, kid. You was out for almos’ two days.”

“Two…days? Where am I?”

Orion righted himself and looked around. Him, Mox, and the other seven Adepts were in a cage that was roughly the size of the cell that the others were in.

“Sweet mother of Sol…where in the nine bloody hells am I?”

Turning to Mox, he added “and how did YOU get in here?”

“Well,” the thief responded, “them guards was takin’ me an’ Beekon to some holding cell, and…well, long story short, I broke free and kicked the lead grunt in the nads. So he gets pissed, and he bitches to Solego how he wants something nasty done to me, so I get sent here.”

“To answer your other question,” Maya chimed in, “We’re apparently in some other holding cell. I have no idea where it is, but let me tell you, it is MAJORLY creeping me out.”

For the first time, Orion too a good look around. The walls were gray stone, and for some odd reason, the floors were covered with thin red carpeting.
It was quite dank, and the whole area smelled strongly of mold.
‘We must be underground’, Orion thought.

On the north and south walls were dark tunnels. There was no indication as to where they led.

Oddest of all was the fact that there were no guards present.

Orion then looked back at Mox, and noticed something that he was wondering why he didn’t notice before.

She was a fish from the waist down.

“Um…may I ask you something?” Orion said, raising one eyebrow.

“Oh, this?” the thief replied, gesturing to her bottom half. “They made me do this before they slapped this stupid circlet on…just goes to show ya how freakin’ strong these things are. The transformation spell we Mer use is so freakin’ simple that Normal Mer can do it.”

Orion scratched his head and looked to the others. Alex was leaning against the bars, staring vacantly at nothing. Vixx was pacing franticly. Ganni and Breaker were watching Vixx pace franticly. Karen was on the floor in a sitting position, her wings wrapped around herself. Robyn was sitting next to her. And Maya was right next to him.

“I’m glad to see that you’re awake,” she said. “I saved you some food.”

She presented a small plate of hardtack and cheese, and a flask of water. Orion grabbed the flask and quickly drained it, then grabbed a piece of the hard bread. He held it under his nose and sniffed it. It smelled a little stale, but Orion wasn’t in a position to be picky. He broke off a piece and popped it into his mouth.

“Thanks…” he said after swallowing. “Where do you think we are?”

“I know where we are…” said Robyn in a downhearted tone.

“We’re in an underground dungeon, accessible only be portaling.”

Ganni looked to her. “How did you know that?”

She pointed to the southern passage. “Right on the other side of that tunnel – it’s not very long – is another cage like this one. In that cage is another prisoner…he’s a Mystic, and he’s been here a lot longer than we have.”

She inhaled, and continued. “Tell me…are any of you familiar with the Rite of Anima Furtum?” No response.

“Anima Furtum means ‘Soul Theft’. Remember how Zalma Arianos mentioned how the Ritual of the Book, the Blade and the Stone was the second-most forbidden ritual known to man? Anima Furtum is the first. In performing this ritual, one sacrifices another to prolong his life. In other words, it steals the sacrificed one’s lifeforce. Attempting to perform this ritual is grounds for a death sentence by Normal and Wizard law alike. As if that wasn’t reason enough not to do it, it takes a horrible toll on the caster.
Not only can it weaken the body, it can also slowly drain the caster’s sanity.”

Robyn paused for a moment and shivered.
“Solego has been performing this ritual on a regular basis for years. This is where he keeps his sacrifices.”

Everyone present was dumbstruck, except for Alex. He was still starting into space.

Maya was the first to speak. “But…why? Why would he need to do it so often?”

Robyn closed her eyes and was silent for several moments. Orion assumed she was communicated with the other Mystic.

Several minutes later, she opened them and continued.

“His ‘personal assassins’. They aren’t human. They’re Death Dealers.”

Karen raised an eyebrow. “Death-whatsits?”

It was Orion who responded. “Death Dealers are a kind of spirit. Not elementals, no…Death Deals are one of the more unique spirits. In short, they’re the ultimate assassins. They can move through solid objects, and always have pinpoint accuracy with their weapon of choice. They cannot be summoned as easily as other spirits…in order to control the, one must bind them to oneself. I won’t go into how this is done, but in short, they’re bound to whoever summoned them until the death of the summoner. To stop their power from being abused, for every life they take, they drain some of the summoner’s life force. That’s why Solego performs the Anima Furtum so often…people like him only care about one thing: Power.”

“The man doesn’t care what happens to him…I saw the man. He’s paler than a ghost. All that matters is that he lives a LOT longer than he should, and the Death Dealers are still bound to him.”

Alex signed audibly. “And now we are to become nothing more than fuel for him…the bastard is invincible. This is the end. It’s all over.”

Orion walked over to him. “Don’t say that, man…I sent word to Datharel…he’ll stop him.”

The Elf grunted. “Like that matters…” he said in a bitter tone. “Ganni told us all about his plan…he doubtlessly has the Hyperion and could be performing that damn bloody ritual as we speak!”

“Hey, calm down…”
“I will NOT calm down!” the Elf said, his voice growing angry. “get it through you’re idiotic skull! HE HAS WON! We are going to die here!”

Orion grabbed a hunk of the tunic that Alex was wearing and pulled him forward.

“We are NOT going to die here! I won’t let it happen!”
“Oh, shut up? What can YOU do?! What can any of us do? We’re powerless!”
“Hey, talking like that won’t do any of us any good!”

Alex grunted. His body began to relax and Orion let him go.

As soon as he did, the Elf threw a left hook in Orion’s face.

Orion blinked several times.

“…you did NOT just do that.”
“I think I just did.” Alex responded in an arrogant tone.

Orion growled and lunged for Alex, wrapping his hands around his neck. Alex responded in kind.

Maya rushed forward and tried to break them up, but it was no use.

The two were rolling around on the damp ground, trying to throttle eachother. After several minutes, they broke apart and got up, both panting heavily.

“Had…enough?” said Orion.
“You…wish!” replied Alex.

Alex charged. Orion simply sidestepped, causing him to plow head-first into the side of the cage with a cacophonic clang. Alex was down.

After catching his breath, Orion held out his hand to help Alex up. Alex accepted it.

“You alright, man?”
“Yeah…I’m fine.”
“Sorry about that…”
“No…I started it.”
“Don’t worry about it…we’re all a little tense.”
“Yeah…I guess…”

Orion and Alex simply looked at each other for a moment, then they both let out a chuckle.

Suddenly, Orion’s jaw dropped as he noticed something.

“What is it? Am I bleeding?” Alex asked.
“Yeah, a little, but that’s beside the point!”

He reached toward Alex’s head and pulled something off. In his hand was the sealer. It had broken apart.

Alex’s eyes widened. “This means…I’m not blocked off from my magic anymore!”

“Yeah…it WOULD be great. Too bad these bars are unbreakable.”
“Who said I was going to break them?”
“Just watch.”

With that, Alex walked over to the gate. He put his hand on the lock. “Hey, Ganni!” he called without turning around. “When was the last time we were brought food?”

Ganni thought for a moment, then responded. “About…two hours ago.”

“And that means that two hours ago, this cage was unlocked.”

As if on cue, the lock snapped open.

For the second time today, the group was dumbstruck…but this time, in a good way.

“Yes, Orion?”
“You are freakin’ awesome…”
“I know.”
“Shall we?”
“We shall.”

The group started to bolt, when Mox called out. “Hey, you can’t leave me here!”

Ganni walked over to her. “Well, I doubt we can carry you. No offense.”
“None taken. Guess I’ll have to get this thing off me…”

She inched her way over to the side of the cage, grabbed onto two of the bars, took several deep breaths, and forcefully pulled her head forward. A familiar clang filled the room.

She rubbed her head for a moment, then shook it. The circlet flew off. Her tailed shimmered and morphed into a pair of legs clad in black tights.

“Now, c’mon. Let’s go.”

With that, the group bolted.

“Wait!” Maya yelled. Everyone abruptly stopped. “Remember what that other mystic said? Er, thought? Whatever. Point is, we can only get out of here by portaling.”

Vixx chimed in “And we should probably free that man, as well. Robyn, can you locate him?”

She nodded. “That way.” She said, pointed to one of the tunnels.

The group dashed through the tunnel and came to an identical room.
In this cage stood a Mystic with a long red beard.

“You must be Robyn’s friends…she told me that you got out. If you can, get me out too! I figured out an easy way to get rid of the sealers!”

Alex ran for the gate and swiftly undid the lock. The man stepped forward. “Words cannot express my gratitude…I’ve been locked in there for ten years. I think Solego has forgotten about me…that’s probably for the best. The last time he saw me was six years ago…he preformed the Anima Furtum on my brother and made me watch…”

He let out a sad sigh.

“No-one should ever have to watch a loved one turn to dust before their eyes…”

Maya approached him. “Come with us…we’re gonna get out of here. You said you could get the sealers off, Mr…?”

“Oh, how rude of me. I forgot to introduce myself. The name’s Mason…Mason Goldwynn. Just Mason will do.”

“Nice to meet you, Mason.” Maya said politely. “Now…the sealers?”

“Oh, right. It’s fairly simple…I’m surprised I didn’t think of it earlier. It’s a little combination of a curselifting incantation will a dispelling spell…it can’t be blocked, for some reason.”

Mason closed his eyes, raised his hands, and shouted “ABSENTIS!”

All the sealers fell apart cleanly into two pieces.

Everyone fealt their heads. No longer feeling the circlets, most of them let out a whoop of delight.

“So,” Ganni said with a huge grin plastered on his face, “Robyn can portal us out of here now?”

Mason shook his head. “Not gonna be that easy. Watch.”

He raises his hands again and shouted “Resero!”

There was a flash, and several runic symbols appeared all over the walls.

“What are those?” Maya asked.

“Wards.” Mason responded. “Thanks to them, we can’t portal out from here.”

“So what? We’re stuck in this hellhole?!” blurted Breaker.

“Of course not.” Mason said with a slight chuckle. “There are a few small areas without wards…people have to get out somehow.”

“Okay, then.” Orion said. “We’ll just have to find one of these places. Do you know where one is?”

Mason shook his head. “I don’t remember the exact locations.”

Orion muttered several profanities under his breath. “Alright…we’ll just have to find it. This place can’t be THAT huge. And if we run into trouble, me and Ganni are still armed.”

“And I’m pretty good at unarmed fightin’ myself.” Added Mox.

“Alright, then.” Said Mason. “Let’s hurry on. I’ll lead…perhaps I’ll remember something.”

At that moment, in an isolated chamber deep within Solego temple, three figures in hooded robes stoop in a circle.

One of them help a sword. Another had a large pink crystal ball. And the last was holding a tattered-looking spellbook.

Outside of the circle the three formed stood Olrik Tacker and an unknown Mystic man with jet-black hair.

“Do you have everything you need, sir?” the Mystic said.

“Yes, Hewitt.” The man holding the sword responded. “Everything is going as planned...we will begin shortly. Tacker, prepare the war machine.”

“Yes, sir.” The dwarf responded. Him and Hewitt exited the chamber.

The three figures pulled off their hoods. Adrian Solego carried the blade, Spencer Boilseed held the book, and Sarrie Lazear had the stone.

Suddenly, Lazear shuddered.

“Something wrong, Sarrie?” Solego asked.

“Nothing, sir.” she responded in an unsure manner. “I just...felt that something was amiss...”

“Do not worry yourself. We have bigger things to worry about. Come...we must begin the ritual.”

From his robes, Solego withdrew some blood-red spellchalk and some small candles with strange runes carved into them. With the chalk, he drew a pentagram and set a candle at each of it’s points. Boilseed clicked his fingers and the candles lit.

Solego stood at the top point of the pentagram, and  Lazear and Boilseed stood side by side at the bottom two points.

Solego held out the Hyperion toward the center of the circle. Boilseed opened the Necronomicon and held it out. Lazear focused her energy on the Rosetta Stone.

All three objects began to glow eerily.

"Ye gods, do these tunnels ever END?!”

Karen’s exasperated cry fell on deaf ears.

They had been exploring the catacombs for what seemed like hours.

Mason looks around warily, trying to spot an area where there we no wards.

He suddenly stopped. Everyone else did the same.

Vixx approached Mason and tugged on the robe he was wearing.

“Um, excuse me,” he said in his usual calm tone of voice, “But why did we stop?”

“Look around you.” The elder mage said.

The Adepts turned their attention to the surrounding area. Deep scratch marks marred the walls and there were bones littered throughout the area.

Orion’s eyes went wide. He gulped loudly and said. “Um, Mason…what did this?”

Mason was silent for several moments. He spoke to himself in a hushed tone, but everyone heard him anyway.

“No…it can’t be…could the rumors have been true?”

“What rumors?” Ganni asked.

“It’s been said that Solego breeds Manticores and feeds prisoners to them…but I thought it was only a rumor…could it be true?”

Everyone shuddered. No-one wanted to encounter a Manticore.

Manticores were fearsome creatures. They had the appearance of gigantic lions with huge scorpion-like tails, and were very ferocious. They had fiery breath and sharp claws and fangs, and the venom from their stingers could kill a man almost instantly.

Everyone snapped to attention when they heard a booming roar echo through the corridors.

When the sound of the roar faded, it was replaced by quickly approaching and very heavy footsteps.

Orion drew his sword and shouted “Everyone, run! I’ll keep it busy!”

Ganni stepped forward and assumed a fighting stance. “No way! If we die down here, then we’re dieing TOGETHER!”

Maya stepped up next to him. “He’s right! It can’t take us all!” She raised her hands and they began to glow ferociously.

Orion didn’t have time to argue as a huge beat leapt into the room, snarling ferociously. It was most definitely a manticore. Maya unleashed a stream of cold water into it’s eyes. It stumbled and roared, letting out a huge jet of flame. Ganni and Maya jumped back, but Orion was consumed by it. Maya gasped.

When the flames subsided, Orion was standing there like nothing happened, though his clothes were quite singed.

“Heh…stupid beast. You can’t burn a Fire Adept! Now c’mon…gimmie your best shot!”

The enraged beast jumped forward and swiped with its claws, but Orion leapt out of the way. It turned to face him, let out an angry roar and raised its stinger.

It pulled the stinger back and prepared to lunge. Suddenly, a loud bang echoed through the halls, and the Manticore fell to the ground with a bloody hole between it’s eyes.

The group looked to Orion. He had a smoking hand cannon in his hand and a smug grin on his face.

He turned to Mox and said “Remind me to give Beekon a big thank you next time we meet.”

In a dimly-lit room, three figures stood around a pentagram, chanting in some unknown tongue. Three objects were the focus of the ritual, and these three objects were flashing with a strange light, pulsing at a steady pace.

The woman clutching the Rosetta Stone began a strange chant in a more recognizable language.

“Mystic powers of shadows and light, I beckon thee! Let the arcane energies sealed within the Stone fly free and empower us!”

The pink globe began glowing even more fiercely. Boilseed held out the Necronomicon and began a chant of his own.

“Dark powers of life and death, I beckon thee! Let the ancient rites bound in the Book arise and grant us strength!”

The tome’s pages began flapping wildly, as if a strong breeze had come in, even through the room had no windows.

Solego pointed the Hyperion toward the sky and began one last chant.

“Hidden powers of Arroyo, I beckon thee! Let the energies conjured in this chamber tonight enchant the Blade and give me the power to cleave this world asunder!”

The sword began radiating energy as if it had been struck by lightning.

A ball of energy formed in the middle of the pentagram and rose up. With a blinding flash, it burst forth, knocking the three wizards to the ground.

“Hmm…let me see…could this be…yes…maybe…yes! This is it! I cannot detect any wards in this area!”

They were in a small chamber with no distinguishing marks whatsoever. Mason used a detection spell several times, but he could find no wards.

“Alright, Miss Robyn,” the elder Mystic said,” you should be able to invoke a portal here.”

Robyn blinked a few times. “I…I don’t know if I can…”

Ganni approached her and reassuringly patted her on the shoulder.

“You’ve proven on several occasions that you’re a lot better at most of this than the rest of us…a portal should be easy. Just focus on a different part of the temple.”

“I’ll…I’ll try.”

Robyn put her hands together and closed her eyes. Nothing seemed to be happening for the first few minutes, but sure enough, a ball of purple energy began forming in her hands.

However, after another minute, it fizzled out and Robyn fell to her knees.

Ganni knelt down next to her. “Are…you okay?”

“I…couldn’t do it…” she said, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

No-one said a word after that. It was Breaker who broke the silence.

“Hey, I don’t think we have to worry about Robyn’s ability to portal…look!”

He pressed his hand against the wall and it went right through, as if it was an illusion. Mason walked up next to him and touched the wall. When he did, it shimmered.

“Well, how ‘bout that!” he said. “There’s a portal already bound to this area, and I’d bet anything that it leads out of here!”

Without another word, he jumped through it. The others quickly followed him.

On the other end of the portal was a fairly plain stone room. Several crystal lamps adorned the walls. At the other end of the room was a long hallway that sloped upward. The group quickly ran though the hall. It was a bit narrower than it had appeared at first glance, but they managed.

At the end of the hallway was a dead end. Orion, who was at the head of the group, groaned in frustration. “NOW what?” he said, exasperated.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Breaker, stepping forward.

He put his hand on the wall and closed his eyes. “You see,” he said, “these walls are made from fine stone. Good stone comes from the earth, and all that hails from the earth is mine to command.”

His eyes flashed, and the wall moved aside.

“Secret passage...typical.”

Behind the wall was an exquisite-looking bedroom. To the immediate left of the group was a large canopy bed with satin sheets, the floor was covered in fine carpeting and the walls were adorned with nice-looking treasures, but what caught their eye was a desk in the corner. On top of this desk was a shattered vial and a large puddle of thick red liquid. Mox approached it and wiped some of it up with her finger, then put in on her tongue.

“I shoulda known.” she said. “Shade oil...and really good stuff, too. Not easy to come by. Figures that the rat-bastard is a shadey.”

“I’m not at all surprised.” Mason added. “As I told Robyn before, the Anima Furtum takes a toll on the user’s mind as well as his body. I suspect Solego uses shade oil to help keep himself sane...”

Orion took a good look around, then he shuddered. “Maybe it’s just me,” he said, trying to hide the nervousness he felt, “but something about this room gives me the creeps...let’s get outta here.”

“Not yet,” said Mox with a half-smile. “Not before some lootin’.”

Ganni buried his face in his hands. “Is that all you can think about? Money?”

“No.” the thief responded. “I occasionally think about getting laid as well. But that’s beside the point. Solego is a bastard, right?”
“And he deserves what he gets, right?”
”Therefore,  see nothin’ wrong with grabbin’ some of his treasure. It’s the least we can do to pay him back for everything he’s done.”
“...I can’t argue with that.”
“Thought not. Now c’mon! Less gabbin’, more grabbin’!”

Mox began rooting through draws, stuffing miscellaneous trinkets into her pockets. Orion couldn’t help but notice that her pants had very big pockets.

The rest of the group helped themselves to some of the treasures on the walls. Orion spotted a beautiful pendant. It had a gold chain, and a small coin-shaped medallion made of what looked with polished mythril and engraved with some runes. He snatched it and turned to Maya. 

“I’m sure this will look a lot better on you then it will on that wall.” He said with a smirk.

Maya giggled as Orion put the pendant on her. 

The young Fire Adept continued to look around, when something caught his eye. Lying on top of the nightstand next to the bed was a smallish, leather-bound book. Orion picked it up and blew some dust off it. It appeared to be a book of poems. He opened it to a random page and read a short poem at the top of the page to himself.

Seas are boiling, skies are burning
Sands of time are swiftly churning
Plague and famine spread throughout the land

Deep within the blackest night
Seek the one last ray of light
I will be there, holding out my hand

Orion thought about the poem for a moment, then slipped the book into one of his pockets.

“Alright, I think that’s sufficient.” Said Mox with a triumphant smile on her face and her pockets bulging. “What now?”

Everyone turned to Orion.

“...why is everyone looking at me?” he said after an awkward pause.

“You’re the leader here, remember?” said Maya.

“Ah, right...let me think for a minute.”

And think he did. He looked to the ground, but his hand on his chin and thought for several minutes. Finally, he spoke.

“Alright...our first priority is finding the equipment that was taken from most of you. After that, I think it would be a good idea to bust Beekon out. And after that, I think we should see what we can do as far as stopping Solego.”

No-one said a word, but the look on each and every one of their faces clearly shouted “WHAT?!”

Mox was the first to speak. “Kid, are you insane? Do you have any IDEA what a man like him could do to you? Solego could make you die a thousand deaths before you hit the ground! And I hate to be the one to tell you this, but this ISN’T some cheesy two-bit fantasy story! Being one of the good guys does NOT guarantee a victory!”
“You’re very right.” Orion responded in a calm tone. “We could probably just as easily escape without anyone noticing. We have some pretty decent skill at our disposal, but yeah, it’s more than likely that we’re no match for Solego or his Elite. The odds are against us in a VERY big way.”

He paused for a moment.

“But I couldn’t care less about the odds. We’re in an extreme situation, no arguing that, and we could escape. But bear this in mind: We’re also right in the belly of the beast, and if we hit it in the right spot, we could do some serious damage! Solego wants a war, and with the power that he’s doubtlessly getting as we speak, it’s pretty much inevitable! And frankly, I would rather not sit back and twiddle my thumbs while it happens! So I say we gather our arms, throw caution to the wind, charge forward and raise some hell! They may be stronger, faster, and more skilled than us. There may be a lot more of them than us. But hey, we’ve survived so far, haven’t we? We seem to have dumb luck on our side, and that must count for SOMETHING.”

Another pause.

“Sure, it’s possible that we’ll lose. Like Mox said, the good guys don’t always win. Our destinies aren’t written in the stars or foretold by some ancient prophecy. We’re not legendary heroes. We’re not ‘chosen ones’. We’re just some regular people who have something to fight for.”

Yet another pause.

“...kay, I’m done now. So...are you with me?”

Ganni stepped forward.

“Nice speech you gave there.”
“You make that all up on the spot?”
“It was freakin’ beautiful.”
“I know.”
“You are one crazy son of a bitch.”
“I know.”


“I think we’re all with you.”
“I knew you would be.”
“We’re grossly outnumbered, right?’
“And we’re probably all gonna die here?”
“That’s more than likely, yes.”
“But you don’t care, do you?”
“Not in the least bit.”


“What say we go nab our weapons and see if we can’t give some of those soldiers what-for?”
“Sounds good to me.”

Orion turned to face Mox.

“You think you know where they’ll be keeping our weapons?”

The thief nodded. “I know exactly where...that’s where they caught me.”

Orion turned back to face the crowd and drew his sword.

“Alrighty then...let’s move out!”

It was eerily silent in the room where the ritual had been preformed.
Slowly, the three wizards got off the ground.

Solego stepped toward the circle and look to the Hyperion. The blade radiated a dull glow. He picked it up and felt energy flow through him. A grin spread across his pale face.

“Guard!” he called out.

A soldier quickly ran in. Solego pointed the sword at the man. A bolt of energy leapt out of the blade at an insane speed. Moments later, there was only a pile of ask where the guard had stood.

Solego gazed wide-eyed at the blade.

“We did it…we did it! All this power in my hand…no-one will stand before me…”

And he started to laugh manically. Boilseed walked up behind him.


Solego turned to him. “What time is it?”

Boilseed thought for a moment and said “If I’m not mistaken, Solaris should be rising as we speak.”

“Perfect. Go to Tacker and help him prepare the War Machine. Today, it begins…Arroyo belongs to me! I will rule this world, and I will crush all who stand in my way!”

“And that fool Datharel will be the first!”

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