an old game I miss

Many years ago in my youth, they put games for the carnaval at my hs in canada. One game was called something like furries or tinies. And they were these little pink, green,yellow and blue fur balls and it was a puzzle game of sorts. Some help finding it would be appreciated.

Sinistral, you’re a drunk.

Brainies? That’s all I can think of.

Edit: or The Brainies, not sure if there’s a The or not.

Originally posted by Merlin
Sinistral, you’re a drunk.

I was looking for a funny quote from Trainspotting to use as a retort, but alas… I couldn’t find a good one. I’ll use this instead:

Merlin’s a poopyhead!


Seriously, I wanna know if anyone knows where I can get it. Its a pc game. Maybe mac. not sure.

You are probably talking about Fury of the Furries, hardest
puzzle game I ever had pleasure to play.

That be abadonware, mate.
Seek help from


Maybe this is what you are looking for

I recall this game hates windows in all forms so you kinda need either pure dos boot disk or non-Xp dos boot support.

I’m going to try to install it, but it doesn’t look like what I’m looking for. (thanks btw). Anyone have any other ideas?