An Interesting Loch Ness site

He makes a good point as to WHAT Nessie could be.

I could have sworn that it was announced before that the original Loch Ness Photo was fake.

Rule # 1 of conspiracy theories:

Always make sure to mention that there is a “them” somewhere (usually high up in the economic world) actively trying to keep a lid on THE TRUTH.

Luckily this cabal, successful for centuries up to this point, has been completely been unable to deal with some backwoods hack writer from somewhere in the US/Canada/UK/France/Japan whose book (conveniently always for sale by the author, despite attracting the attention of the cabal) BLOWS THE LID OFF the mystery with STUNNING NEW EVIDENCE.

I mean, thank god we have upright citizens like Steve Allen, who is in no way being a drama queen to try and sell his book, to reveal THE TRUTH to us.

(Almost sorry for the cynicism, but not really. An eel sounds reasonable, but then he starts up the bit about OMG they confiscated the tooth CONSPIRACY!)

I could not read that part of it, wondered what that part was about, and I do agree with you that the site is hype to use to sell his book which is a mistake, as the book itself is really good that it does not need such false drama to keep it up.

The eel theory has been around I think since the mid nineties. It does sound reasonably sound.

No, RPT, that’s what they want you to believe! He’s got “new evidence” now!

As an aside that brings to mind a series of comic books where Donald Duck nods off in his attic while searching the family’s heirlooms and he dreams of having to guard a Scottish castle from viking attacks, complete wth fog and incompetent sidekicks while he becomes Adold the Fearless or something like that.

edit: He=the guy with the book.


I can only handle so much fucking stupidity on these forums. There is no loch ness monster. The end.

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The loch ness monster is actually my COCK

Mystery solved.

That would explain the trouble people have had with spotting it, yes.