An art request

Videoland is making a website, they need art talent so I’m asking for them. We need fanart of the following

Princess Lana
Mother Brain (preferably creepy/scary)
Kevin (Captain N)
Francis (Captain X)
All of the other good Gamemasters profiles all together
All of the other evil Gamemasters profiles all together
The Palace of Power and Fortress of Evil side by side (for effect/clash)

images of characters and possibly battles and just screen shots and stuff. (can be sprites or art)

If you are interested and need a visual description, just ask and I can copy/paste em.

I could do some of it, you just have to tell me a little more about it.

It would depend what character or ‘picture’ you’d want to try at, but I guess I should post a giant blurb of all the gamemaster’s descriptions here.

This man stands at a height that tends to be a little above average for most men around his apparent age. His whole demeanor gives off a silent aura of confidence and security, as this tends to become evident in the way he carries himself and moves. It is distinctively obvious, when one looks at him, to see that he is extremely fit and well toned as far as muscles and the like go. However, he doesn’t appear to be overly strong, rather appearing to be a little more than just in shape.

    Naturally unkept brown hair is sprawled atop his head without looking a complete mess. A closer inspection would reveal that it has probably been styled that way on purpose, considering that the untidyness doesn't look all too accidental. Sideburns evident, but not overbearingly so. His eyes are a mild steel blue color and seem to give off the impression of someone experienced in many aspects of life, yet without the wise old man syndrome. Any closer inspections would reveal an underlining sense of loneliness that doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon.

    His current clothing selection is also a defining point in the man's features and persona. His upper body is clad in a simple black t-shirt, that subtley hints at the man's muscle structure. This shirt is tucked neatly into a pair of loosefitting black leather pants. The pants reach all the way down to his ankles and are held in place by a black belt with a small silver buckle in the shape of the letter N. On his feet are a pair of black, leather boots, the tops of which are hidden beneath the legs of his pants. The laces, if they even exist, are not exactly visible and the boots themselves seem to be slightly worn, more than likely from constant and daily use than anything else. This outfit wouldn't be complete without his good luck charm: His beloved Northridge High School Letter Jacket. Red based in color with white sleeves of soft leather, this jacket is a signature to the hero's fame. What makes it so? The large athletic-fonted N sewn into the left chest area of the jacket.

    His accessories are also somewhat evident as he's decided to be prepared at all times. Clipped onto the right side of his belt, barely visible under the jacket and vest combination, is the sleek and stylish, shining silver, Gameboy. The display screen lit up somewhat brightly as it appears to be in perfect working condition. Those with good eyes could possibly slight bulges in his sides, as that's where a dual shoulder holster snugly in place. More than likely providing a home for a pair of his signature Light Guns, which he hardly ever leaves home without. A glance at his right sleeve would show a slight rectangular shape in the forearm area, possibly his Power Pad. At the rising up of his left sleeve, his newest arsenal addition can be seen plainly. Appearing to be a smaller version of Gameboy, the light purple colored device is strapped tightly to his wrist, almost like a watch of somesort. The display panel blinking properly. His right pants leg is also bulging a bit, under which is probably an ankle holster for something or other. Attached to his right ear is a small earpiece, with microphone attached sitting inches away from his lips.

In a world of tough guys, the man with the blood-stained crowbar is king. Standing slightly over six feet tall, the Dark Gamemaster Dual is perhaps the most physically imposing of Mother Brain’s elite; his body is extremely athletic, chiseled into an instrument of carnage from his brief but deadly tenure in Videoland so far. His skin has taken on a permanent tan from his time out in the wilds of Videoland, tingeing his northwestern European heritage with a more Mediterranean flavor. His blonde hair is groomed into a permanent buzz cut, short enough so that the contours of his scalp are visible to casual inspection.
His features are not displeasing; with his build and his rugged, angular Germanic features, many would find him attractive. Inspection, however, shows signs of his profession; his nose has been broken a few times and somewhat imperfectly set on some occasions, and thin white scars run below his eyes and underneath his jaw, like his head had been palmed by Edward Scissorhands. His blue-grey eyes have the qualities of slate, and move constantly as if expecting an ambush at any moment. All of his body language, in fact, denotes someone who is at any moment ready for a war to break out around them.
He shops at SWAT World, the exclusive clothier of paramilitaries in Videoland. An urban camo-patterned do-rag is on his head when he’s “working”, or is otherwise in one of his pockets to wipe things off with. Hanging around his neck is a pair of goggles that allow him variable vision modes, usually left as decoration unless required. A threadbare fatigue jacket with the name “STEWART” stitched onto the nametag covers his upper body, with a mesh tank top worn beneath it.
Across his back are his two trademark close-quarters melee weapons: a blood-stained crowbar and “The Stick”, a Deku stick Dual collected early on and has designed a martial art around. At his waist is a belt with his Gamemaster tools on it; a holster for his GunCon 2 on his right hip and the dread PS2 Controller mounted below his belly button. Olive colored BDU-esque fatigue pants, laden with pockets, cover his lower body, the leg material tucked into black combat boots battle-fashion.
He is /always/ in battle fashion. Always prepared. Make no mistake:
he IS the Combat Gamer.

I have old comics from Nintendo with their pictures of at least Captain N, Motherbrain and Lana. Should I scan 'em for inspiration?

After reading thru my nintendo mags for those comics again, I might try something… just don’t count on it… just a try, okay?

Originally posted by Weiila
I have old comics from Nintendo with their pictures of at least Captain N, Motherbrain and Lana. Should I scan 'em for inspiration?

They made comics? Well, sure, it’d be helpful although I doubt it’d be 100% accurate for some of the characters since they’re technicly older now.

Is this a certain game you speak of?What Mother Brain are you talking about?(I’ve seen a couple)

Metroid/Super Metroid, and I’m referring to a place that used the storyline of Captain N the Gamemaster (old show, apparently has a comic too) and expended it into a big roleplaying thing. Thus why I refer to good gamemasters and evil gamemasters who are system affiliated.

Good GMs:

Captain N
Lady A (A for Atari!)


Agent 3D0 (We call him Threedoh)
Captain X

Any further questions/takers or should I let this thread slowly but surely be bumped to page 2?

Or Weiila can kindly sticky it.

ya i’ll do some, but I need a pic of them. I’ll make em sexxy liek Dt.

This is sort of irrelevant, but i’ve been looking for someones to draw a picture of Lasandir, since my artistic ability is poetry and writing and I am terrible at drawing. I just wanna know if someone could draw him mebbe? I have descriptions of him in my story but i could write one, that is if anyone is willing to draw him

oh yeah, I forgot i was going to do this.