An April Fools' joke that's actually funny.

And yes, I know that lately HSR hasn’t really been all that funny, but this one tickled me. :sunglasses:

O_o; Almost as crazy as Blizzard’s site.

The Chaps are good at making April 1st jokes, always been.

Stinkoman rocks!

Also, a friend showed me this site this morning, so if anyone is interested, more internet April Fools jokes. I haven’t bothered to check most of them, because I’ve had other stuff to do.

That fight scene reminded me of the intro to Ninja Gaiden. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it IS a full-on homage to it, given the “…” at the end.

It’s 100% a Ninja Gaiden tribute. The music is similar, and the effects (with the legs moving, then the jump and slashing sound) are identical.