An Apartment Only Daos Could Love

Here’s my VERY OWN APARTMENT! MINE! Allllll mine! It’s not exactly perfect as you can see…no table or anything in the dining room, just a comfy chair, and a few dishes in the sink…but I love it. I love this apartment of doom!

Needs more Doom.

Ah, perfect.

Cool place =)

Now all you need is to technolize it ^^; Few computers here, a few there, home theater system… you know the drill =)

So you’re not living with roommates or anything? Anyway, the apartment looks awesome :slight_smile: Hooray for freedom!

It is a cute apartment…you jus need to get a little clor in there, but a few anime posters are a temporary solution.

Yeah, it’s pretty sparse! ^^ There are a few pictures I’d love to buy for the walls. I want to buy a copy of “Starry Starry Night”, and there’s also this amazing (yet a little tacky) picture of a foggy street and an old Tin Lizzy driving along it, but the street lights and the headlights have actual tiny lights, so it actually looks pretty realistic. I fell in love with it immediately. But it’s $100, so I’m gonna wait on buying it. <<-- In the reflection, it looks like you cut your hair.

Nah, it’s just pulled back into a bun. No air conditioning, and it’s kinda hot today, so…

Is that a black bra hanging from the door knob?

Hmm, I just noticed, in the Kitchen, Fae has the same knife set, cupboard design, and possibly Microwave as me.

It’s an umbrella!!! -_-

I should know, since I’m wearing the black bra right now…

Mrowr, underwear.

Anyway, I’ve seen Fae and her tits aren’t the size of watermelons Charl 8P (the black thing on the door knob would make for a HUGE bra)

And in the same pic we see fae in the mirror. AWwwwwwwwwww

Why is it all of doom?

In memory of the Sinistrals. Not Sinistral himself, y’know, the…other ones…ehhhh, never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. But we need to see more of the balcony!!!

/me loves balconies ^^

It looks very nice.
A liiitle heavy on the doom, but still nice.

The balcony’s great. My mom gave me the two wicker chairs. I’m gonna go out there sometime with lemonade and a good book.

Or else geek out on the computer 'cause it’s too hot. ^^

hey, write my name on your wall. All the cool kids are doing it!

Originally posted by Charlemagne
All the cool kids are doing it!
Umm… wasn’t it Steve who did it? I don’t think that qualifies in the ‘cool’ division (No offence Steve).

That is one very nice apartment. Im sure when its all furnished, it will be fantastic :slight_smile: