An amusing FF9 skit, or at least I found it funny at 4AM

Kuja: "So. The scene opens with this dorky looking monkey boy.
Zidane: “The incredibly handsome protagonist sees a beautiful young woman.”
Kuja: “Gorgeous.”
Zidane: “Perfect.”
Kuja: “It’s love at first site. It’s the fastest way to move the plot along.”
Zidane: “And she turns out to be a princess!”
Kuja: “Of course…”
Zidane: “Who runs away with me, because nothing says ‘Love’ like making an entire kingdom think that you’ve kidnapped the heir to the throne. So! We travel about together, in a simple, rag-tag team of adventurers…”
Kuja: “-which is nothing new.”
Zidane: “Since EVERY group of role-playing games involves a group of vagrants recklessly tossed together with NOTHING in common.”
Kuja: “It allows for more variety.”
Zidane: “So. In the meantime, her mother is persuaded by a psychopath with /a thong/ to wage war against other nations.”
Kuja: “A psychopath who is MALE, by the way…”
Zidane: "…barely.
Kuja: “SO! She blows a lot of things up. Then she tries to blow me up. So… I blow HER up.”
Zidane: “With her /own/ Bahamut, no less.”
Kuja: “Which naturally upsets his little love interest.”
Zidane: “Which naturally means that I get to… comfort her.”
Kuja: “Who said that villains and heroes can’t work together?”
Zidane: “So! We find out that Kuja’s working for a magic tree.”
Kuja: “I /hate/ my job.”
Zidane: “Which is to cause as much death as possible.”
Kuja: “Actually… So… I like my job.”
Zidane: “So, we went looking for who controls the tree.”
Kuja: “I like it a lot.”
Zidane: “…and we find this old man who told us about the Genomes.”
Kuja: “I really. Freaking. Love my job!”
Zidane: sighs “Did I mention that Kuja and I are brothers?”
Kuja: “He was made to destroy me.”
Zidane: “Which I will.”
Kuja: “And take my job.”
Zidane: “Which I won’t!”
Kuja: “Needless to say, our relationship is… complex.”
Zidane: “As you can probably guess, I defeat him, because games generally don’t end with the destruction of the universe.”
Kuja: “It tends to be a downer. Hurts the sales.”
Zidane: “And I get the girl!”
Kuja: “And I get dead. It sucks being the villain.”
Zidane: “It rocks being the hero!”
Kuja: “…though I do get more fangirls…”
Zidane: “… It /sucks/ being the hero.”
Kuja: “It /rocks/ being the villain.”

Credit goes to Candy and Gren for coming up with this insanity.

uhhhhhhhh… 4am, gimme a half hour, then i might change my reply, but for now it’ll stay as is.


update: not changing the old just adding new. Its now 3:45 and still just kinda wierd, I’m too tired to stay and find out how it goes. I’ll try next time I have WAY TO MUCH COFFEE. Who knows, that might help me get it. But for now, we are still referring back to the above sprite.

Heh, very cute. :sunglasses:

I thought it was funny at 10:00 AM. =P

It’s funny at 11:12 A.M., too.

16:17 BST (Bignutters Summer Time)

Resnobly Funny now.

Big Nutter
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Almost 5:00 PM and it was funny.

Quarter after 1 pm mountain time, and it’s still funny.

It’s 4:55 and I’m cold ;_;

22:16, and I’m undecided.

10:36 PM, and I’m giggling. :3

I’m sorry Zero, its 11:58pm here now, and I realize that I have turned your skit post into a time check post. Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to start a trend.

As I look back I can see some faint glimmer of humor, but I’m still throwing it to the same smiley. Sorry man, no offense.

Doesn’t matter what time it is!
teh funneh!