An American Superhero In Japan!

What’s this? A new fanfic from Wilfredo? WITH COMPLETELY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS??? :eek:

No, it isn’t a sign of the apocalypse. I’m back, baby! And this story (let’s call it AASHIJ for short) is something I’ve been working on for a while. In fact, I’m seriously considering on submitting the concept to VIZ comics (they’re currently open to ideas from American writers). However, I was advised by my friends that I should develop it more first; and what better place to get constructive criticism than RPGC’s Media Forum? So, here is- the first draft of my labor of love, that combines my two favorite subjects: American Comic Books and Anime. Will it work out? We’ll see!

(Comments are definitely wanted! Please keep in mind that this is only the first draft, and subject to change. Also, I’m not sending this story to VIZ, only the series proposal. But hey, I can have fun while I develop it, no? :wink: )

(Insert cool Anime opening sequence here, ala Bleach’s)


by Wilfredo Martinez

Chapter One: ARRIVAL!

(A passenger jet flying over the Pacific Ocean)

The Japanese stewardess walked down the plane’s aisle. They were going to land soon, and she was making sure all the passengers were ready.

Most of the people aboard the plane where tourists, mostly from the United States. She therefore addressed them in correct, if heavily accented English.

As she reached the end of the aisle, she saw a young man, of about 19, traveling by himself, looking out of a window. He had dark hair and eyes. His expression was unrelaxed, almost worried. Concerned, she addressed him:
-“Sir? Is anything wrong?”
-“Hmm?” was his reaction. He hadn’t even noticed her approaching.
-“You look- worried. Can I bring you… something?” she struggled a little with the words.
He looked at her, smiled warmly, then, to her surprise, responded in perfect Japanese: “No, thank you. I was just- meditating. I’m sorry if I worried you.”
-“Oh” she said, “Your Japanese is very good!” And she knew about that, she’d heard plenty of foreigners attempting to speak it to her.
-“Is it?” he asked, almost sheepishly. “I’ve been practicing it for years. Getting ready for this trip”.
-“It is indeed. I think you’ll have an easy time getting around.”
He almost laughed at that. What she didn’t know was that he could speak Japanese but not read it- he never bothered to learn to, the Japanese alphabet was completely unlike the Western one, and it was hard enough to speak it already; besides he figured he wouldn’t need to read anything on his stay. Hopefully he wouldn’t get into the wrong bathrooms, he joked to himself.
-“We’ll be landing on Tokyo soon, Sir. Do you need anything?”
-“No, thank you, I’m OK for now. I’ll let you know if I need something.”
The stewardess then smiled and nodded, then proceeded to the next passenger.

The young man went back to looking at the ocean from his window, and his thoughts soon drifted away again.

He was almost there. The one place he’d wanted to visit since… how old had he been when he first heard of Japan? Was it when he was seven, on a TV special about the Giant Monsters that used to attack the country? He certainly hoped those wouldn’t show up while he was there! Though if they did, he could handle them- he hoped.

After all, wasn’t he a superhero?

Psion, The Mental Marvel! Able to fling armored cars with his mind!

He had always liked that line. Was it The New York Times that had used it?

Too bad it was the only time he’d been mentioned in the news. And part of the reason was that he’d helped The Wallcrawler catch some crooks on that occasion.

He sighed. He had to deal with it: as superheroes go, he was strictly a C-lister.

Not that there was anything wrong with him. His powers were good enough, his costume worked -he hoped- and he’d done his part to keep the Big Apple safe.

Trouble is: New York is crawling with superheroes. You can’t throw a stolen money bag around without hitting one. And when you’ve got truly cool people like The Wallcrawler or Invincible Man around, who was going to notice someone like him?

Not that it was for the glory that he got into superheroing, he quickly reminded himself. He did it because it was the right thing to do, like The Sentinel would say. Too many people who gain superpowers use them for criminal reasons, and only other ‘Supers’ could stop them. We all must do our part!

…Still, he would feel a little better if more people would show some… appreciation for his efforts.

Again he sighed. Things were not turning like he hoped they would.

Not just the hero stuff, either.

He had just graduated from high school. It was a time to look at the future, to plan. But truth was, he hadn’t even decided where he was going to go for his college education. He hadn’t even chosen what to major in! He always assumed that when the moment came, he would know. But he didn’t. His future was almost upon him and he didn’t even know what he wanted to do with his life.

And then there was that girl-

-NO, he reminded himself hard. He was not going to think about her. OR his superhero status, or college. He was on vacation now, a vacation he’d saved and prepared for from before his powers had even manifested. That’s what he had come to Japan for, really: to forget, for now. For the next two weeks, he was going to see the sights and enjoy the experience and he was NOT going to think about how lame his life was, dammit!!

Then he saw lights over the horizon, and smiled. He was there!!

The next hour or so was a blur. Not that it wasn’t happening very fast, but more that he was too excited to pay much attention to details. Walked off the plane, passed through customs, hailed a taxi, reached his hotel, checked into his room,then left most of his baggage there and just headed out into the bright, modern metropolis of Tokyo, Japan!

He just wandered aimlessly for a while, taking in the sights. He had a list of places he wanted to go and things he wanted to do, of course, but right now, he just wanted to “drink in” the sensations of the city. He almost couldn’t believe he was there! He smiled like a kid on Christmas Morning.

The first thing he noticed was the big, red tower in the distance. It looked like the Eiffel Tower, but that couldn’t be right? Probably a replica. He would have to check it out later.

Then he noticed the people. They were so… normal.

There were people of all sizes and all builds and all ages- all going about their business, no one giving him a second look. It felt a lot like New York, in fact.

Well, the taxi drivers weren’t swearing, but otherwise, yeah, pretty much the same.

And why not? It was just another ‘Big City’ in the modern world. Why should it be different? He guessed that like any tourist, he was too influenced by the propaganda; maybe he had expected to see pagodas and kimonos everywhere. Even though he knew that wouldn’t be right, a part of him still expected it. He laughed at himself.

What he DID find weird were the hairstyles. Lots of people with odd-colored hair, and arrangements that seemed to defy gravity. Not just on teenagers, either! Now that wasn’t something he had expected to see; he had the impression of Japan being a conservative place. Live and learn, he guessed.

He also noticed that there were plenty of signs in English. THAT helped a lot! He actually walked into a few stores, though he was mostly window-shopping for now. He was planning on buying souvenirs later, tho.

Suddenly he realized he was hungry. Maybe he should have eaten something in the plane after all. Oh well, maybe he would try a local delicacy, like rice balls.

His train of though was interrupted by an odd sound. Like a buzzing, only louder.

At first he assumed it was some local machinery at work. But then he noticed everyone looking up. So he did as well.

He saw something glinting in the sky. Several somethings, in fact. Flying around rapidly. Some kind of aircraft?


A beam of light suddenly struck a nearby building- and broke part of it off!!
People screamed, and started running away.
-WHAT? You have got to be kidding me! I haven’t been in Japan a day and I’ve already run into-
One of the flying things whooshed by over his head, and he saw that it was mechanical, but with a design unlike anything he’d ever seen, sort of insect-like.
-…ALIENS??- he finished his line of though.
BOOM! More explosions were taking place around him. Sirens were now blasting, apparently some kind of air-raid system.

Suddenly he remembered WHO and what he was, and chastised himself for having stood there speechless even if it was for a few seconds. People where in danger! It was HERO time!!

He ducked into an alley, where luckily nobody had taken refuge in. He didn’t think anyone saw him, not that it was really a priority now. He dropped his shoulder bag in a trash can where he hoped he could pick it up later, then pulled out a pair of green, visor-like glasses and put them on, followed by two black gloves. Then he grunted, as he concentrated and allowed his psionic energies to burst from his body.

(Insert cool transformation sequence here!)

Well, it wasn’t so much a transformation as a costume change, and a rather unpractical one: normally he would just take off his clothes, but there was no time for that now. He sighed as he allowed the greenish, arcing energy to RIP his clothes to shreds, exposing the skintight green suit he wore under it.
The same energies extended his folded cape out, giving it that oh-so-suave winglike look he liked. It mussed out his hair, though.

Dammit, he liked that suit. Those aliens were going to PAY!

And then, carried up in a green wave of telekinetic energy, Psion, the Mental Marvel, took off into the besieged Tokyo skies!


(*Insert commercial break here. You know, with a shot of one of the series’ characters, a cool jingle (DAN-DARA-DADAAAN!) and the written message “We’ll be right back”?)

(Insert And Now Back To Our Show piece here!)

Out in the sunlight, Psion’s costume could be fully seen. It was two shades of green, deep for the body and lighter for the accessories, except the gloves and boots, which were black. In his chest, there was an insignia in the form of a trident (actually the Greek letter “Psi”); parallel lines ran along his arms and sides. Not the most striking costume design ever, but it worked well enough.

Psion noticed that there were many more ‘UFOs’ than he’d thought at first- he could see at least a dozen, all buzzing around the streets of Tokyo, blasting stuff seemingly at random. They were about the size of a car, and oval-shaped- not just the craft itself, but their windows, wings, engines, etc. which made them indeed look insectlike. They were colored green and gold, and flew around with a buzzing sound and no apparent exhaust trail. The windows were opaque, so he couldn’t see who or what was inside.

What now? He’d never been in a situation where he had to face so many enemies on his own.
No time for hesitation, he told himself. Like the Sentinel would say, “Every bit helps!” Hopefully, some other superheroes –Japan was supposed to have some, too- would show up soon. He decided that first, he needed to test himself against one of the things.

Psion allowed his green telekinetic aura –which was visible only because he wanted it to be; it was just an illusion, but otherwise, how would people even know it was him doing things?- to reach out like a bug-net, and caught one of the “bees” as it flew near him.

-“WHOA!” he gasped, as he found himself being dragged at high speed by the craft. Uh, maybe he should’ve anchored himself first, he thought. He then expanded his field in the other direction, catching the edge of a building they just passed by. OOFF! he groaned, as he managed to stop the thing (though it was the field and not his body that was strained).

Now what? The thing was struggling against his “net” but he seemed to be able to hold it for now. Let’s see how though it is, he decided. His brow furrowed as he concentrated harder, and his field contracted, applying tons of pressure to the bug’s outer shell.

C-RAA-CK! The thing began to cave in, and its front windows shattered, allowing Psion to see that someone- a humanoid figure, dressed from head to toe in black- was piloting it. Let’s take a look at these ‘aliens’ the hero thought. He mentally manipulated the field, and it pulled the pilot out, who screamed when he realized he was now dangling several stories up in the air.

Psion brought his captive close to him, then turned him around. He was wearing a mask that, keeping with the theme, was rather buglike. One thought from Psion, and the mask ripped off- revealed a normal, if rather unattractive, human face.
-“Hey, you’re not an alien!” Psion snapped.
-“N-nani?” (W-what?) the man gasped, in Japanese.
Oh, right, in the rush of things he’d forgotten where he was and had started talking in English again. “Who are you? Why are you attacking the city??” the hero demanded, this time in Japanese.
The man just looked at him hatefully.
Psion smiled, and gave his prisoner a slight telekinetic squeeze.
-“AAAAHH!” he screamed. “DON’T CRUSH ME!!”
Of course, Psion, being a superhero, had no intention of really doing that, but there was no need for the guy to know it. “Then TALK!”
ZAAAAPP!! An energy beam struck Psion from behind. Although his force field absorbed most of it, the shock stunned him momentarily, and he –and the ship and its pilot- started to fall.

-Meanwhile, in a laboratory somewhere else-
A shadowy figured loomed over several TV screens. They were displaying the “bugs’” attack on the city, from different angles. A voice suddenly crackled from a nearby radio receptor:
-“Sir! We’ve encountered a super hero!!” a voice said.
The figure nodded. “Which one?” he asked.
-“We don’t recognize him, Sir!”
-“On screen” the figure said, and an image of Psion fighting the vehicles appeared on one of the screens.
The figure nodded in recognition: Psion, telekinetic hero from New York. Very little data on him was available. What was he doing here? Where other American heroes here as well? This could throw the whole operation off schedule, he mused. He thought about recalling his minions, but he was really curious about the hero’s capabilities. After thinking for a moment, he mystery figure said: “Converge on him”.
-“Affirmative” was the answer.

Meanwhile, Psion regained his senses about three stories before hitting the street. He stopped in mid-air, and also caught the damaged bug and its pilot (who was screaming again, but who can blame him?) A second bug –probably the one that shot him- was coming in after them. Not having time to do much else, he placed his cargo on a nearby roof. The pilot would likely escape, but at least the ship looked too damaged to rejoin the others.

Refocusing his energies above him, Psion made his field thicker, enough to blunt the blasts the oncoming ship was firing at him without pain this time. ZAAT! ZATZATZAT ZAAT!!

Psion had the urge to crush this vehicle too, but now that he knew there where people inside he couldn’t bring himself to do that. Then he came up with and idea: with a thought, the “pods” on its sides, which he had guessed where its engines, came off. The thing immediately shut down, devoid of power.
-Hah! Like pulling off the wings of a fly, he thought victoriously.
Psion mentally “caught” the ship before it crashed into a nearby building, and proceeded to dump it on the street. Now that he knew how to incapacitate his foes, he felt more reassured. He shot back up, to find more of them.

As he flew above the Tokyo skyline again, the young hero pondered: so these guys are human, but piloting vehicles far more advanced than he’d ever seen. Probably part of one of those hi-tech criminal organizations, like S.N.A.K.E. He’d clashed with some of those in New York, though on foot. Could they be operating in Japan as well?

ZAAT! Another beam brought him out of his reverie, thought this time he was braced for it. ZAT ZAT!! More beams came, from different directions. ZAT ZAT ZAT ZAT! And more? He then realized that the “bugs” were no longer attacking the city: now they were after him. He had at least half a dozen on his tail.
-Um, time for maneuvers he thought, and dove back into the city.

Psion had no idea how many beams he could take at a time; in any case letting yourself be surrounded is never a good idea. He hated having to do so, but flying low and weaving around the city’s streets was his only choice now. That led to more random destruction as the beams that missed him struck buildings and cars. That made him feel worse, but at least there were no people standing around anymore, so no one got hurt. At least, while the enemies were faster, he was more maneuverable. He suddenly looped around and caught two by surprise, ripping their engines off before they could turn and fire on him. Of course, they crashed violently on the street, but hey, they brought it on themselves.

Still, it was getting obvious that he couldn’t take all of them on his own; they kept popping out from corners forcing him to change course. Damn, where’s The Mighty Heroes when you need them? He thought.

He was really starting to get worried when another noise filled the streets: this one was more natural for a city –that is, mechanical: a whooshing sound, like that of jets. The local air force, he hoped.

He did catch a glimpse between the buildings of aircraft of a different sort, more like normal planes. His hopes coming back, Psion shot up again to take a look at the newcomers.

They were planes, alright, thought the design was more streamlined than any jet he’d ever seen. They where white and red, with the letters SDF painted on their tails.
-SDF- Self Defense Force! It IS the Japanese Army! he thought, jubilant.

The enemy ‘bees’ broke off from Psion’s tail to engage the new foes, but the jets had the advantage of surprise for a moment, and fired missiles at them, bringing down some of them. Psion watched the dogfight for a moment; while he was glad for the help, he started to wonder if his help was still needed.

Then he noticed something: one of the “bugs” was larger, and it was colored red and gold. Aha he thought. That must be their leader! They always make themselves stand out! So he flew straight at it.

Catching it by surprise, Psion managed to rip off its power pods before it could even turn around to face him. It crashed into the streets below, but didn’t explode. Hah, you ass is mine, loser! he thought. Capturing the enemy leader would not only help route the “invaders” it would also gain him the attention of the local news. So he flew down and landed right next to the smoking ship.
-Come out with your hands held high! he shouted at it. Not that he actually had the authority to arrest anybody, either here or in New York, but hey, it was dramatic.

For a moment, nothing happened. Was the pilot knocked out, or dead?

And then a door on its side came out flying, as if hurled by an explosion, except there had been none.

A HUGE figure then emerged from it- humanoid, but covered from head to toe in scales, its face definitely crocodilian.
-GRR-OOOOAAARRR!! It roared at the hero.
-Oh… crap he thought.

We’ll be right back!


Heh… good use of the word ‘YANK’ there, Wil, even though I think it was unintentional. >>

Still, a good read, and I hope to see more.

Interesting concept, and a pretty good read, too.

…aaand I’m too tired to say much more than that, but keep up the good work!

I wouldn’t say the Japanese have an alphabet, but more of a syllabary. And that if he can learn to speak it reading it shouldn’t be too difficult. Those are my only complaints. But I’m too picky :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good.

Heh… good use of the word ‘YANK’ there, Wil, even though I think it was unintentional. >>

Well, yeah, I didn’t realize the irony until later. But hey, it fits the story, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

…aaand I’m too tired to say much more than that, but keep up the good work!

That’s OK, post more comments when you feel like it. Glad to know you’re enjoying the story!

I wouldn’t say the Japanese have an alphabet, but more of a syllabary. And that if he can learn to speak it reading it shouldn’t be too difficult. Those are my only complaints.

Well, true, but I’m trying to make the internal dialog sound realistic, and I don’t think Psion would’ve gone over the differences between an alphabet and a syllabary at that moment. In fact, you may have noticed that I have not even used his real name yet, because, well, most people never think of their own names casually, do they? Don’t worry, I will bring it up eventually.

As for not reading Japanese, that’s actually an in-joke- you know how we watch dubbed Anime even if we can’t understand the stuff written onscreen- the signs, newspapers etc? Psion’s inability to read Japanese is supposed to represent that. And while I’m sure his teacher probably tried to teach him to read the language as well, he just didn’t pay much attention because he didn’t feel he would need it. Hey, he’s just 19 and was planning on staying for two weeks, I think it’s believable. :wink:


Psion stared unbelieving at the lizard-man for a moment. What the Hell is that thing? Some mad scientist’s escaped experiment? Then he noticed that it was wearing an uniform of some kind- more like a red spacesuit, except with the legs, arms and helmet missing. Maybe… it’s an alien after all? Almost without realizing it, he started drifting away from it.
-“Foreigner! Come over here and fight me, if you dare!” it shouted in Japanese.
-Huh, I guess it’s just a weird-looking Japanese supervillain Psion concluded. Whatever, I’m still taking him in Then he shouted back, “You saw what I did to your vehicles! Don’t make me do that to you. Surrender now!”
-“HAAA HA HA HA HAA!” the creature roared in laughed at Psion’s warning. Then he reached over for a nearby streetlight, and ripped it off the sidewalk like a weed, with hardly any effort!
-WHOA, he’s super strong! Psion mentally gasped. This may not be as easy as I thought…
The reptilian villain began to rotate the lamppost over his head, causing it to make a whooshing sound as it picked up momentum. Psion decided not to wait for him to use it, and projected his green telekinetic energy at him, pinning him by the arms.

But, to the hero’s amazement, he broke free with a single shrug! Psion could actually “feel” the strain in his mind.
-Just how strong is this thing? he thought, starting to get worried. He never before had encountered anything that could break out of his telekinetik “grip” so easily!
The monster then let go of the pole, and it flew straight at Psion like a missile. He tried to catch it with his powers, but its inertia was just too much; he barely managed to deflect it in time, and it went into a nearby brick wall, smashing it to rubble.
-…I may be out of my league here Psion pondered. He continued to drift away from the being.
-“What’s the matter, little foreigner? Are you afraid to get hurt?” it said, in a mocking tone.
-Looks like Japanese villains like to talk during battle as much as American ones Psion mentally remarked. Well, I’ll be damned if I’ll let an overgrown iguana mock me. “No, I’m just trying to avoid your stinky breath!” he shot back.
The monster just laughed more. I need to work on my comebacks Psion noted. Then, while he was trying to think of a way to stop the behemoth, It suddenly jumped at him, covering the yards separating them in the blink of an eye!

Fortunately, Psion was more agile in the air, and was able to dodge his oncoming foe- too bad the same couldn’t be said for the parked Toyota it fell on. It was smashed to scrap instantly. Thankfully there wasn’t anybody inside.

Psion continued to think how he could beat this enemy. So far they were stalemated, but the city was taking a beating! Maybe he should hit him with a car- preferably an already-wrecked one? Somehow he suspected that wouldn’t affect him much. Yeesh, just my luck- my first adventure in Japan and I run into the local equivalent of the Green Goliath!

The he thought of something, and smiled wickedly.

Once again, the young hero projected his green energies -with unnecessary hand gestures, but hey, a hero needs to look dynamic!- at the scaly creature, who looked back at him and snorted, expecting to break free as easily as he had just a few moments ago.

However, he was surprised to see the “beam” split around and instead strike him- on the back!

And suddenly, he founded himself yanked upwards!
-“Eh!? What the-”
-“Hey, lizard-guy!” the green-suited, caped hero shouted at him, “Can you reach all the way behind your back?”
The creature struggled, but realized that the hero was right- Psion was holding him by the back of his suit, like an insect held by its wings with tweezers.
-“You-little- !@#$!!” it roared, using a Japanese word that Psion didn’t recognize, but which he easily guessed was a foul swear. He smiled triumphantly.
-“You can’t hold me up here forever!” the villain snapped. Psion realized that was true; he hadn’t won yet, only delayed the battle. What now? Maybe the local authorities have some way to hold- whatever-his-name is. (Psion then realized that the one thing ‘mr. scaly’ hadn’t done yet was to give him his name, most American villains would tell you right away; then again, he’d been so busy fighting that he had forgotten to tell him his, either.) While he wondered if he could hold him in the air long enough for help to arrive, he suddenly found himself struck on the back by a beam! ZAAAAT!
-“WHOOF!” he gasped, as the impact knocked the air out of him, and made him lose his ‘grip’ on the lizard, causing it to drop on its head on top of some rubble. Still conscious, Psion turned around to see three of the bug-pilot standing down the street, probably having escaped from the crashed vehicles. They were carrying some weird-looking rifles, probably blasters; they weren’t as powerful as the ones in their ships, though.

Pissed off, but unhurt, Psion allowed a wave on green energy to sweep the street in front of them; the mooks found themselves pelted with the very rubble they had knocked off buildings, with enough force to knock them out without killing them, the hero hoped.

Psion quickly turned around, afraid that the lumbering creature might have snuck up to him while he was distracted. But it was still picking itself up; breathing a sigh of relief, Psion readied to grab the fiend by the back again when they were both surprised by a thundering sound: VRRROOOOMMM!!!

Both superbeings looked up, and saw one of the SDF jets coming in for a landing, dropping onto the streets vertically! It must have VTOL capabilities Psion mused, admiringly. (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing; Explain-It-All Wil!) Looks like help WAS arriving!

The reptilian being looked back at Psion and in a surprisingly amused tone, said: “We’ll have to finish this later, Little Foreigner!” And then it suddenly- punched the ground?

WHAM!! The shockwave was incredible! it kicked up dust and debris, and Psion only dodged it by flying straight up.

He expected the thing to jump at him again, but when the dust cleared, it was gone- and there was a HUGE hole in the middle of the street.
-… Must’ve gone into the sewers Psion concluded. Well, that was it, he was NOT going to follow it down into the Tokyo sewer system. Not only would the tight space make him an easy target, but cleaning the smell of sewage off his costume was a bitch!

Silence fell over the city; the fighting was over, but people were still gone. Psion looked around him. The place looked like a war zone; there was debris, wreckages and even small fires all around. It was worse than the last big superhero fight he’d gotten involved into in New York.

Suddenly, people started to appear: Men, women and children, who came out of the surrounding buildings- and just proceeded to walk around, exactly as they had before the attack!

Psion stared at them for a moment, unbelieving. They were acting as if… as this was par for the course? Maybe all those stories he’d heard of Tokyo getting thrashed on a regular basis was true after all? In New York people would flock to stare at the damage for hours, like vultures…

-“You! Superhuman!!” a female voice shouted from behind Psion. He turned around, and saw a woman, a brunette -and quite attractive, he noted- wearing a gray military uniform, with several other soldier-types behind her. Must be the SDF people, he thought. Good, maybe they can explain who were-
-“Don’t move!” she shouted, leveling her gun at him. "You will come with us!!
-Huh? Psion did a double take. Am I being- ARRESTED??



OOC: Geez, I actually forgot about this!! That always happens to me, every time I get interrupted by something -in this case it was the December holidays- I forget any projects I was working on. VERY annoying. Anyway, I’ve started working on the next part, it should be posted soon. l