American Apparel

I need to rant so here goes.

HOW THE FUCK IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THIS PLACE IS STILL IN BUSINESS AND EXPANDING!? It is SO UGLY, it is an abomination. I don’t have the vocabulary with which I can express my revulsion at the how shitty their clothes look and how awful their combinations and colors are. Holy fucking shit.

Do you have, like, any links to clothes they have that are particularly abominable? I don;t think i’ve ever seen American Apparel around here…

I think the designs are more linear/boring than anything. >_>

I think their stores that don’t have ads and pictures outside are more likely to go unnoticed because they just look like normal stores from the 80’s. But man, do they ever have BAD advertising. They like to choose “random people” as their models and take really awful pictures with a flash so they look surprised and “natural” while taking a completely ridiculous pose. My description sucks; you really need to see it to understand. :stuck_out_tongue:

VE, you can check their website, but they manage to make their clothes look decent (although I just looked at it and it’s still pretty damn ugly (wow at the swimsuits)). Don’t be fooled, though! Even I was once by their ads about sweater dresses. Then I went to their store and came out 20 seconds later because I realized the best things I could’ve bought were silver leggings and high-waisted shorts (preferably gold with black dots).

They still beat American Eagle

<a href=“”>This pic actually made me second guess what I said about AE</a>

<a href=“”>And holy shit, I don’t care if they’re long underwear, no one should EVER wear these</a>

get with the times, old man. american apparel is hella hip (means “cool”). i wear petty much nothing but, so maybe I can give you a few tips but don’t hate on my brand :dekar:

the style being bland is the point. they’re “the basics”…its like hating on hanes for being plain.

The blandness isn’t why they’re bad. Look at the links I put up.

Also, a lot of the stuff they sell is <a href=“”>anything but bland.</a> That’s part of why I’m turned off to it. The colors are too saturated and the styles are too extreme. Most of them are too tight, too long, or too baggy. They draw too much attention and they look like something a kid would wear. That doesn’t apply to EVERYTHING they sell, but it applies to enough to call their success into question.

I like shopping at stores like Urban Trade and Bootlegger.

UT is a little pricey and seems a little skater/punk slanted to me, but there’s a lot of class to be found there if you’re willing to look. As much class as anyone’s going to get with a contemporary urban look, anyway. If you have money to burn, you’ll come out of this store looking your best. Period.

<a href=“”>Bootlegger</a> is hit-or-miss. Go there at the right time and you can find a lot of good shit for really cheap. Don’t go there if you don’t want to spend over 100 on a pair of jeans. I go there for tshirts. Sometimes they have ridiculous deals like 3 for 30, and they’re ace. And yes, I know 100 is really not that much for jeans by some standards, but… I’m cheap. I get most of my stuff here. It’s not ultra-trendy, but it’s a lot nicer and usually a lot cheaper than AA.

So yeah, I’m no fashionista or anything, but those are two better alternatives to Americn Apparel imo. I’m kinda curious to know where everyone else shops.

Psh – Sears, The Bay and Army & Navy all the way.

Thrift store. And any place that sells clothes with unnecessary amounts of buckles and chains, so yeah, Hot Topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tend to get my stuff at Mark’s Work Warehouse… >_>

Mark’s is actually a pretty solid store
I get shoes there

I beat everyone- I get most of my clothes from REI. I’m a Life Is Good guy through and through.

Also, American Apparel ads are the kinds of wastes of bandwidth that will cause the internet to fold in upon itself sometime in the 2020s. Check out this article for some goodness.

Wow, I wear name brands. American Eagle, a little Abercrombie, Old Navy… I dig a lot of the department store brands - the dillards brand 81 (or something).

As far as shoes go, well, whatever fits I guess.

I hardly ever buy new clothes, and when I do, it tends to be from Wal-Mart >_>

I like Express. Banana Republic too. <!-- And Gap also, I guess. I sorta have to like them somewhat. Company policy. -->

Also, Hades, I NEED those purple long underwear now. They shall be perfect if I ever go into superhero-ing and/or professional wrasslin’.

I usually get Obey shirts although they’re pricey they’re just fuckin’ awesome, Aeropostale when they have sales, I once got 7 good shirts for 30$, Spencers for Metallica shirts and other band shit, and also Old Navy when I fell like it.

I had never heard of American Apparel until I read this thread, and then I made the mistake of clicking links. Suspender unitards and crop tops shouldn’t even be GIVEN away at this point in history. Now I have ammo for the discussion at work about which articles of clothing should never be produced again that actually beats stirrup pants.

oh god oh god oh god, the only thing missing are the little bows at the ankles.

Vicki and Hades have presented good examples of what AA has to offer. Not even Ray Charles could produce something like this. Now what I want to know is HOW THE FUCK CAN THEY BE SPAWNING FUCKING EVERYWHERE IN TOWN?!

My mom buys my clothes so I wear mostly AE, Abercrombie, etc

Dude, it’s sad to say, but I’m hooked on finding items even worse than previously shown. This is like an effing game for me now - I actually found high-waisted neon stirrup tights!