Am I the only one?

enter: bandwagon

Which then leads to the Altered Wilfredo Martinez Avatar Contest. I smell a poll coming.

Gila wins.

For the record, I don’t find the avatar particularly creepy.

Oh, thanks guys for answering me question. :smiley:

Oh lord! This will certainly lead to…some interesting avatars if someone suddenly decides to do that contest. X_X

Did I do this right?

Uh, I don’t mind the avatar parodies (they are pretty cool, in fact) but don’t steal my identity, please (this is to the guy above.)

I wouldn’t worry. It looks like they were banned.

God that must have been Setz (Arac)

It’s kinda hard to steal the identity of a regular though, since they would have to find a way to fake a few thousand posts for the post count. :wink:

Nah, I got an alibi. I was talking about boobs with my friend.

I remember when I stole Eva’s identity. Then I started saying stuff like “I’m Eva. Don’t listen to me. I’m arrogant.” Boy did she get pissed off.

Ah that was fun.

I dunno. I like the time Charle and…Merlin? swapped accounts. There was much bewilderment.

That time Eva said I was cute, were you her Cyrano, the 984? Do you really love me, but fear for rejection too greatly to admit it? You’re more beautiful than she could ever be, you silly fool!

The time Eva said you were cute she was on the shrooms you gave her.

“Give” isn’t really the right word, here. “Put in chocolate and didn’t tell anybody,” is more accurate.

I remember that. I thought that was really stupid…still do. I still don’t fully believe Merlin was totaly okay with it.

I don’t remember that. Link?

Merlin wouldn’t have done it if he weren’t okay with it.

Eh, might as well get on the ban(ne)dwagon. :wink:

This thread, GAP.

Though remember, Charle had Merl’s account name and avatar and Merl had Charle’s.