Am I the only guy who doesn't have a cell and doesn't really want one?

I think the whole department of redundancy department is redundant.

I love when people say, “x is stupid,” and give all kinds of reasons for rejecting some particular cultural development (e.g. cell phones, fraternities, video games, Valentines Day). Whether or not x <i>is</i> stupid, it’s almost universally true that the person saying so doesn’t have access to the world in which x is normal.

Meaning, if you hate cell phones, it’s probably because only your mom would call you; if you hate frat parties, it’s probably because you’ve never been to one or don’t know how to act when you’re there; if you hate video games, it’s probably because you’ve always sucked at them and don’t like being humiliated; and if you hate Valentines Day, it’s probably because you rarely have a significant other on 2/14.

(For practical purposes, though, I really recommend getting a cell phone.)

if u disagree with the kkk it’s probably coz ur black lolz

But yeah I’ve thought about getting a cell phone for a while; until I <i>really</i> need it though, the added expense isn’t too appealing.

Sounds like someone doesn’t have access to the world in which saying “x is stupid” is normal. :stuck_out_tongue:

You see, my problem is that I don’t want my mom picking up the phone when I’m talking to my buddies about our next shipment of crystal meth

Similarly, I believe those who despise homosexuality are women who can’t go gay for the 984 or men who can’t get the 984.

Um. I think you got that backwards. Why would women go gay for me? I’m a dude, dude.



See, women who hate homosexuality hate it because they can only have a heterosexual relationship with you.

I can still fuck 'em in the bum. That’s sorta gay.

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I can still fuck 'em in the bum. That’s sorta gay.

I’m sure that it is.

Wow, this like, turned into the greatest thread of all time, behind my back.

Yeah. Pretty great!

It’s pretty much always behind your back. It’s even better if you bend over, too, now that the 984’s here.

Let’s hear it for Hades’s resurrection of the main forum! Hoo-ray!

More like Hades’ resurr-erection. Amirite!?

You sure are, boos!

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This exact thread goes up once a year I think, at least since I’ve been here. The thoughts are always the same. Mine seems to be changing though. I found cells inconvenient before and calling mine was one of the worst ways to reach me.
But I’ve found that mine is growing on me. I like being able to reach people if I need to for planning events and the like. Since I normally can’t get a hold of people otherwise, unless I’m lucky enough to run into them on my way from class.
It’s also been incredibly helpful in keeping in touch with my sister. If I used my landline it would cost an arm and a leg to call her or my parents, but since we all have Verizon it’s virtually free and I can chat with them for as long as I like.

edit:oh my goodness, this has been one of the most entertaining things I’ve read in awhile(besides my assignments from class).

Initially I thought it was necroposted with the timestamps messed because of the server transition.