Am I the only guy who doesn't have a cell and doesn't really want one?

Yes, because clearly I can have my house phone with me at college so I can call someone and find out where they are, or receive a phone call from them asking me where I am. Or, y’know, call someone if I had a breakdown somewhere in the 20 mile drive between the city where my apartment is and the town where home is. Or just, y’know, keep in contact with people much more easily.

As for texting, it’s handier than calling at times, as I can be sure they’ll get it, even if they have their phone turned off right now (like if they’re at the cinema, and I want a lift home, texting is waaaaaaaaaaay more convenient). And seriously, if someone’s gonna get pissed off at me because I want to tell someone where I am, or see if they want to come over, or just, y’know, talk with someone else a bit via texting, they don’t deserve my full attention anyway. Obviously there are situations where them getting annoyed would be perfectly justified, but more often than not it’d just show them up as jealous, grabby assholes.

they’re intrusive and obnoxious but they serve a purpose that no other devices do, which is instant communication regardless of location

also cellular infrastructure is cheaper to deploy and serves more customers if you’re a telecom company so thats good

Cells are awesome. Cells are the basis of life.

Now apart from biology cell phones are fucking useful. Feel free to use smoke signals if you prefer so but if people don’t pay attention to you the fault lies with them. Cells are life savers when you are lost in a foreign country and make it so much easier coordinating with people.

As for imposing yourself or being imposed on, people control phones, not the other way round.

Yeah hence my lack of effort in actually doing it. Watching Arac get frustrated over it hilarious though.

He’s fuckin’ pissed. I can tell.

Yes, his words emanate with rage.

I think we should all agree on the major points and pick on tangents and minor irrelevant details to argue over

oh wait

Are you one of those guys that reminds everyone that they don’t have a cell phone at every possibility? Do you also tell people that you don’t watch television (making sure to call it television and not TV).

Because if you are that guy, you are an asshole.

They ported Starcraft to phones now?

I’m not sure if it’s so much asshole as attention seeker

This post seeks attention as well!

You say “manage” as though it’s quite difficult. It’s pretty easy. They have an off-button.
If you hate redundant convenience, why are you on a message board? Please write me all further arguments in letter form.

Oh, and damn right I’m frustrated. I’m so frustrated Freud’s got a boner in his grave. So next time you think it’s so goddamn funny, why don’t you think of some poor kid scared shitless in a cemetary when he trips over Sigmund Fucking Freud’s engorged phallus.


I text a good 7 hours out of the day, and I’m talking on it constantly, whether Im in class, working or driving. I dont know what I’d do without one. Those who don’t have one need to wake the fuck up and get with the 21st century. They’re the new way of life. If you don’t have one or an Ipod then just kill yourselves now because you don’t deserve to live.

:smiley: Seriously though, I don’t call a whole lot. I text my GF more than I can really afford. It’s still nice to have on hand. If nothing else, it makes for a handy pocket watch.

Watches are a redundant convenience. We real men, Hades and I, we tell the time by looking at the sun and then spitting on the ground and seeing how dry our saliva is to tell how long it’s been since we hit a fresh creek, since we don’t have redundant conveiences like canteens or, heaven forbid, piped water.

Saying cell phones are redundant because they came after phones is like saying the PS3 is redundant because it came after the PS2. Both are improvements in technology; in the case of the cell phone, even more so. You act like teh chances of getting lost on the road is an impossibility.

I feel sorry for the people who don’t want cell phones, because you’re really at the mercy of the majority who do.

If I’m meeting someone at a certain place, I don’t have to plan too far ahead. I know that we’ll both have our phones on and can fine-tune the details when we get there. I’m fine with that. I was never a very good plan-maker anyway. I think I didn’t go out much before I had a cell phone, so it was never an issue.

I never thought about it much, but boy must it suck to not have or want a cell phone, and when you make plans with other people, to explain to them that they need to work out their shit in advance.

You have to ask yourself, however, at what point the balance tips from society placing demands on your lifestyle to you placing demands on others? If I’m Amish and I want to churn my own butter at home, no one cares because it affects no one but me and my family. Now replace “churn my own butter” with “drive my horse and cart down the freeway” and you’re inconveniencing other people in a major way.

The problem is always a human one. Technology just makes it easier for assholes to be assholes.

I find having no cell phone amazingly liberating. I tell people at work that they can’t actually reach me on my cell phone because I don’t have one. They can’t very well yell at me for not answering my phone in that case. 8p

What, the truth?

Huh? Are you saying the PS3 IS redudant? I’m confused by your statement.

See, the PS3 <i>would</i> be redundant if it wasn’t for the vast library of good games available for it.

Good thing I can type with a straight face.