Alternatives to mirc

What are some alternatives to mIRC?

If you are using windows, mIRC is your best akternative, but a good IRC client is X-CHAT, I use that one when I’m on Linux.

I don’t know where to download it, though, since X-Chat was an in-built program of Linux Libranet ;>>

I usually just use Trillian, which connects me to ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! IM, MSN IM and IRC all at once.

But as for just IRC, I prefer Mirc to Trillian. But since I usually have Trillian running already, I just use it for IRC.

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And I really suggest against using Trillian. It’s a neat program for most things, but it’s IRC client is absolutely horrible.

there is no good alternative, only <strike>Zool</strike> mIRC :stuck_out_tongue:

Does that mean he can’t choose his doom, Merl?

Ah, alright. I just thought that there was something better out there. Oh well.

Don’t listen to Merlin, there are. Though, it actually depends on your personal preferences. Some hate mIRC, some like mIRC.

Dev: You pretty much have only two choices: mIRC or X-Chat.

The IRC clients that come with multi-messaging programs (Like Trilllian or Miranda) usually suck.

I’ve never understood what sort of problems anyone could have with mIRC. It lets you chat and doesn’t take up too many resources and seems to have many options. The only thing I can imagine is if you’re some sort of super 1337 chatter who has transcended the plebeian mIRC. In which case, you probably wouldn’t be asking for a better chat client I guess.

Merl: Oh i’m 1337. Im BEYOND 1337. Im like, 1338.

No, but the real reason i wanted an alternative was because i was having alot of trouble with file transfers. I dont know if it was on my end or what, but i couldnt even connect to most fserves using “/ctcp”’. And when i did, the sends wouldn’t go through.