Also Wild ARMs 3

OK… I’m up to the last dungeon and now I’m wondering which side quests/bosses I should invest in. Here’s what I’m doing/done:
-Finished Millenium Puzzles.
-Done 14 of the Telepath Towers, not sure if I want to finish the quest, sounds like it takes forever.
-Beat Kraken, took me two hours. Gak.
-Beat Balal Quo Naga.
-Got 99% of the map completed and have gone insane looking for the last little square. Don’t think I’ll be able to find it.
-Can’t seem to get back into the Yggdrasil area… how do I do that?
-Characters at level 58 or so, haven’t had any problems with regular boss battles for a while.

I’m not really interested in fighting 99 battles or spending ten hours breeding my garden, so which of the sidequests are interesting and/or short? :sunglasses:

Don’t bother with Telepath Towers; in fact, DON’T FINISH. If you want EXP, keep the towers intact, and you’ll be able to find Creeping Chaoses on the World Map. Finishing the sidequests forces them to appear only in the Sunset Peak area.

Did you use Finest Arts, Cid? You have the Violator, right?

To get back to Yggdrasil, head back through the Nidhogg Pass dungeon, all the way.

Try the Gunner’s Heaven; the later divisions are a lot of fun, and there’s a duo of hidden bosses worth fighting.

If you want an EASY time through the Abyss (should you choose to take it on, I suggest full protection from every element for every character), you might want to try this; beat the first form of the final boss, then head back to the World Map and enter the Abyss. There will be no enemy encounters.

And… that’s about it. There’s lots to do, but a lot of it is very time consuming for no real merit aside from the EX File Keys that you get. But I know the type of gamer you are, Cid, and I know that you don’t have time to search through a dungeon for a rare enemy encounter that you have to fight 100 times, or spend 8-10 hours sleeping at an inn over and over again. 8)

Heh, yep, you got that right. 8D Thanks for the tips!

by the way maybe I’am stupid, but Id on’t know how to use Finest Arts! 0_0

Equip the ability, empty the user’s clip, get his/her Force high, then use Gatling.

ty :slight_smile:

If I knew that earlier >_<

Yeah, ditto. -_-
Another question… once I’ve beaten Balal Quo Naga for the second time, is there any point at all in keeping Dragon Fossils or can I just sell 'em?

No point in keeping them unless you want to max out your Sandcraft. Then again, there’s really no point in that! You’ve got the Ark Smasher, so who need armor, harpoon and engine upgrades when you’re capable of doing over 300000 damage a turn?

I’m just curious:

How does Ragu O Ragula look like?

Hard to describe, though here’s a picture of his WA incarnation.

Imagine a lot more detail than that. Also, he’s red in the first fight and green in the second in WA3, and he has dragon heads growing out of his back. He was in WA2 as well.

Yes we had a very painful meeting in WA2 0_0’

But the one from WA one was easy compared to him…

I hope he looks cool in the remake :slight_smile: (as well as Angol Mois/Angol Moa)

I think A-M is the cooler boss… although he is weaker (That doesn’t mean he IS weak!)

OK… I’m up to 7 Ex File Keys. I’m aiming for the eighth one from Badnews, I think. First I gotta beat the third tier of Gunners Heaven, though. I can do it easily if I use up my five Full Carrots but I don’t wanna. ;_; I’ll probably end up doing it anyway though. 8p

Then I tried the Abyss. I figured I’d go up to floor 30 to get the Booster Kit. Man, was that a mistake. What MORON decided that you can’t SAVE inside the Abyss? They really expect you to do 100 floors in one go? It’d take hours! >< And I only had three Eagle Eyes so I kept getting ambushed. Big pain. --

I know how you feel. If you fight every battle in the Abyss, it’s about an 8 hour gaming session. 8)

And THAT is why the Galecrest is thy friend.

If I have one complaint about WA3, it’s this; Too hard to escape from battles.

Escaping in WA1 is hard! (Except your level is high enough)

But at least you have the option. In WA3, the only way to escape from a battle once you’re in it is to use an extremely faulty Arcana ability.