Alright kids, this is an important lesson for you

Try moving close to the middle of the shirt with your first hand to get the collar in the very middle.

My brother and I are currently working on perfecting the long-sleeved shirt fold. So far folding the sleeves in at the beginning works well if you don’t do any crazy flipping, and at the end if you do.


Edit: Update on long-sleeves:

While it may be incorrect, I find that a very stylish way is to leave them out untill you are done. At which point, if you did it right, you should have one sleeve out. Pull this over top of the folded shirt and tuck it around the back for a very snazzy style.


That’s fucking sweet, man.

Folding a shirt like that is really impressive, and I’m not easily impressed. …WOW! A <a href=“,-Johnathon-.jpg”>blue car!</a>

I want to make an annoying posting gimmick too! It’ll be somthing along the lines of… oh… umm… Shit, I cant think of anything.




ok, I got it.

So yeah, I’ll just say somthing witty with every post.

Citan1984 ~ Poopsex makes children cry.

(sorry for KINDA copying your idea bignutter, but its hard for me to find somthing annoying to do with my post, other than the fact that I’m posting at all, cause everyone finds me annoying… begins crying at Hades who is a mean face)

Why don’t you just ignore how he posts and learn to live with it? People have their fun little quirks when it comes to posting here; Yar has his sprites, BN has his ending thing, and I have my 8) smiley. Derailing threads just to say that you’ve come up with a way to annoy people isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.

I just wanted to be trendy…

Naw, I dont really have anything against his quirks, more to the point, I think its silly (and was really making fun of) the fact that people are so touchy about someone’s posting habbits. See? I’m all for the underdog.

Sorry for the misunderstanding then. I feel the same way as you. It’s not an “underdog” thing though, it’s just that people shouldn’t be condemned or treated unfairly just because of the way they may or may not post.

wtf… that’s so fucking awesome… she mus be the goddess of the fine arts of shirt folding

:smiley: Reminds me of the toothpick instructions in one of the Hitchhiker’s books.

Finally I know how to fold my shirts!

She knows Shirt Ninja Magic… Shirtninjitsu!