All-Stars Game

Someone had to start it… :hahaha;

But seriously, I’m enjoying this game, and I’m not a baseball fan. Well, I wasn’t.

The first inning was freaking brutal too, with R.C. letting 6 go by. I’m rooting for National League too, since I live in Houston (20 minutes away from Minute Maid Park).

Post your thoughts, favorite players, team, etc.


[CURRENT SCORE: AL-9 NL-4 bottom of 7th inning.]

Final Score is 9-4 with the American League taking it for the 8th year running.

I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but Roger Clemens got slaughtered in the first inning. Those AL hitters are vicious. But NL pitching solidified as the game went on, but the bats never lit up.

My favorite teams would be the Atlanta Braves. A second is the Boston Red Sox, but when the two meet I root for the Braves. My favorite player is John Smoltz, who I have a rookie card, a signed ball and one of those authentic game worn jerseys from the Braves Club house. He’s a cool guy too, I’ve met him once or twice. He actually remembered me the second time. That was cool. I’ve also seen his house - which sounds stalkerish, but a friend of mine lives in his neighborhood.

Psst, not really 8th year running. 8th consecutive win. You remember the stupid tie game because they used up all their pitchers by the 10th inning, right?

Actually no, I had wondered what that was since they were talking about it when they mentioned Joe Torre’s tie game. Anyway, right, 8th consecutive win was what I was reffering too when I said 8th year running. Like running, as in consecutive.

stupid folks who try to hit a ball with a bat and try to let them fly out of the stadium…

You say it like it’s any better than running around in short shorts trying to get a ball through a basket. Or trying to kick a ball between two posts. Or getting all hulked up in gear just to run into each other.

Once you simplify it, it all sounds stupid.