All right, excuse me if I look really stupid, but that’s nothing new!

Okay, if we all jump in the way-back machine, someone here might remember me. According to the login, I was last here in 2004! This was one of the few places I tried to keep my stories achieved, as Weiila was a sweetheart. I saw her name in post, so hoping she’s still around and that she may remember me… I’m the kinda insane person hiding in the corner over —> here.

I remember a few things about the forums, something about petting a kitty or feeding it sugar or something? There was also a running joke about the song about “My Milkshake brings the boys to the yard ,” I’m thinking it had something to do with Weilla, whips, chains…and oh wow, I must seem totally insane to you guys.

I was hoping to update some of my fan fictions here, if you’re still doing it. Like I said I’ve been kinda out of the loop so if you’re not updating anymore, I understand. Feel free to yell at me for posting this here, that’s completely understandable too.

At any rate, I’m really glad this place is still around in some form or another, it brings back many memories!

Kristine (aka Ashbear)

Welcome back, Ashbear! I don’t remember you very well but then again, I have trouble even remembering where I leave my glasses these days. And it’s been a while! Wow, this place has gone through a lot of changes since then, the whole Boards were overhauled and many old posts were eliminated. I’m not sure if your stories survived… check the Archives, or contact d Galloway about it.

Still, it’s always good to hear a former member of the Boards is doing OK. As it turns out, Weiila left for a while but recently returned, and she’s as nice as ever, Thank God. :slight_smile: Oh, and those jokes about cats were about Weiila’s ex boyfriend Starstorm, I think. He has a thing for cats (uhh, in a nice way I mean. :P)

As you can see, we’re still crazy and fun-loving here. Though there aren’t as many submissions as in the old days… we need more active writers. So feel free to contribute!

Btw I’m still writing these days myself, but mostly over in the RP Boards. I’ll post something again in this board one of these days.

Who is the cutie in your avatar, your daughter? :smiley:

Anyway, I hope you have fun here again!


Hey there. I fondly remember you and your fics. Nice to see you again. :wave:

Hi! I obviously don’t remember you cause I joined long after you stopped hanging around here. It’s nice to meet you though! To catch you up a little, we have a joke where instead of prank calls, it’s “crank” calls. The title of the thread was changed but all the comments are still the same. If you want to see I’ll give you the link.
Here you go, hope you find it as funny as I did. I’m Izzie(Kunaikunoichi09). Oh, and, welcome back!

…I fucking hate you so much. The chocobo kid, not you, ashbear. I remember you, you’re cool.

Why, Ashbear! Great to see you back, woman. I sure remember you, and all the e-mails we exchanged (since lost because my account died :frowning: I suck), and all the quality fanfics you sent in. I still check in on Somewhere in Between occassionally, though I’m horribly lazy about reviewing these days.

For updating the fanfics, you’ll have to go beat Galloway over the head, I’m retired XD My only job 'round these parts is cheering him on, nowadays.

Thanks everyone! I tried to reply yesterday… but again, as in much of my life, the system here mocks me. I had changed my email address (as the one that was on file was no longer correct), but never did get the ‘link update.’ So after trying three different Comcast accounts, checking spam settings, and emailing for help, I tried a yahoo address and finally managed to get my posting privileges back!

I wasn’t ignoring you. Well, most of you any how ~_^

No problem, it’s okay, I like to remain in the shadows, and I too have a problem forgetting where I put my glasses. My daughter is a natural at hunting them down for me. Yes, that is Ashley in my avatar, about six years ago. She still loves Final Fantasy, though now has a bigger appreciation for Chocobos. Last year, I did a “Chocobo related” Ester basket. I’m a strange parent, I know.

Seriously, you scared me for a second. I never thought I did anything THAT bad to anyone, but again , Weiila might disagree. Thanks for the welcome back, it’s great to talk with all of you.

I could never forget you; in fact your character will make an appearance in the continuation of “Dancing in Time.” Of course, there may be whips, chains, and other weirdness involved… cough As for the emails, I do not recall of which you speak. At all. Nor do I recall writing a section of “Not Another Bloody Conspiracy,” for you. It did not happen, as there is no proof. :wink:

GG Crono, it’s great to hear from you again. I do remember your name, hope all is well. Thanks for the compliments on my work. I’m shocked anyone remembers after this long of time.

And Izzie, nice to meet you. You have a Chocobo in your avatar, so my daughter would approve. Though the reply by Valkyrie Esker kind of scares me.

Hope to get to know all of you better and catch up with the rest of you. Also looking forward to reading some more things on here; I browsed yesterday, but wasn’t able to comment at that time.

It’s great to be back!