I’ve been looking at this videocard as one to use in my next system. I’m tired of having my video card, and then my ‘wintv’ card next to it. Takes up to much space, imo.

The only thing is that-

  1. I heard that as a graphics card for gaming, the AIW sucks.
  2. I heard that putting cards used for graphics in a PCI slot is a bad idea. I’m going to have to put this card in the PCI slot, so that the CATV tuner sticks out of the case.
  3. I heard it overheats like a snowball in hell.

Anyone care to tell me if those 3 things are true, or will pose a problem? (specifically using graphics cards outside of an AGP slot).

ATI AIWs are based on Radeons.
Buy something like ATI Radeon 9600 AIW: It should be more than hefty enough to play games on and it fits into the AGP slot. I have no idea how much heat it produces though.

All-in-Wonders (9600, 9700, 9800) are based on radeon technology and although not optimized as much for games, the AIW are more powerful than their radeon twins.


How do you suggest i get the CATV cable into the card though? Unfortunatly, the mobo i bought has the AGP slot smack in the middle of the board. Theres no way i can get the port for CATV to face the outside. To get the CATV cable in should i just drill a hole in the case and run the cable in?

How do you plug the monitor into your video card…

I recently found this device myself, so I’m surprised to see someone bring it up on RPGC around the same time.

Anyway, I saw it, but have not heard anything about it yet. I’m going to check with a friend of mine who’s awsome with computers. When I first saw this AIW I started drooling…I hope nothing about it is really bad.

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How do you plug the monitor into your video card…

The card i have now is in the PCI slot, which does face the outside.