All I want for Christmas is...

My Jesus Christ action figure.

I’ll never understand what the hell is wrong with our awful fucking species.

Well, I wanted Pete and Pete on DVD until I saw this.

I would want one if I were 8. Now that I’m legal age I’m asking for JC X-rated material. Like “Jesus Vs. the Whores from Babylon VI”, or “Believer Girls on Mount JC”, or maybe that one where Lucy the Fiery (yes, that’s a female Lucifer) tempts Jesus with a blonde, a brunette, a red-head and an asian girl in that desert (he spent 40 days there, averages 10 days with each girl I guess).

The one where he goes into the temple and starts kicking the money changers’ asses comes with battle damage.

Does he have live action retribution? That commercial doesn’t give me all the info I need.

I also made this for a reason RC. >.>

Ooops. >_>

Sad think is, a Jesus action figure really exists…

My action figure could kick your action figure’s little plastic butt.


Better than the Jesus/ Buddha/“virgin” mary/… silicone dildos I saw. Don’t ask. x_X

'nuff said.

Yes, The Buddy Christ. And George Carlin as a preacher. God, that movie rocked.

Bloody hell. We’re doomed! Doomed! -> the coolest JC action figure ever, because it comes with guns. -> for baseball fans (scroll down) -> lol @ martial arts Jesus


I was expecting comedy gold from you.

It’s all foolsgold.


I’m gonna stop viewing this forum at College, people look at me when I burst out laughing at random.

That happens to me too. ^^;

I saw this a long time ago…its old…its not funny anymore.