Alien VS. Predator

Who would win in a fight? Alien/Xenomorph with the double mouth, whip-like tail, and acid blood (Not to mention looking really cool); or Predator with the cloaking, arm blades, laser nets, scatter gun, Self-Destruct device, smart disc, chemical sprayer, plasma pistol, and throwing mines?

Whoever wins, we lose.

Deadly but mindless monster versus deadly but intelligent and well-armed alien. No contest.

Predator, but with the understanding that whoever wins, we lose.

If a single Predator can take out a whole brothel of Aliens, and if Danny Glover can take out three whole Predators then it stands to reason that the Texas Ranger wouldn’t have any trouble Walkerring (get it) through their collective asses, and hopefully into one of those exercise ads that showcases hot athletic women draped over increasingly bizarrely shaped exercise machines (otherwise whoever wins, we lose).

Danny Glover gets one Predator. The other choose to let him live because he defeated it in honourable combat. He was a very hardcore human up against a noob predator.

So, we all gotta listen to Agnostic Front to prepare for Predator incidents?


Just be careful not to mix up hardcore and anarcho-. After listening to Crass, I’d want predator to kill me.


Alien has no Hope.

The Predator would win, look they have the most good technology,