Alien Versus Predator 2

I went to see this movie, and I was positively surprised how much better a movie can be done if it realizes to let go of the silly T for Teens rating and embrace the R (consideríng the theme and the genre):

  • No cliches
  • No “real” heroes
  • The movie starts RIGHT AWAY, NO BULLSHIT.
  • No-one or nothing is sacred. Not even the supposed main character(s).

I’d reveal even more, but… in short, FUCK YES YOU ARE THE BEST Child-Bearing MOTHER FACE-FUCKING R-RATED SEQUEL EVER.

Edit: AVP1 was … PG-13!? Still. So much you could do when you have no LIMITS!

I want heros in my movies. And good vs. evil. So I guess I wouldn’t like this movie.


the first Alien movie was great, never really saw the second though people said it was great, the fourth was awful, never saw third. How does this stand against those past alien movies, if you saw them?

Whereas this is “mediocre” vs. evil vs. mindless facehumping m0nst0rz?

It looked good from the trailers. Like a Zombie movie but much, much more intense. That and the two Alien species are more scary than some rotten, stinky men.

The customers seemed to like it but it’s not doing well in my theater. Having it open on Christmas Day may not have been the best idea. They did that with Black Christmas I believe and it didn’t do well here. Grim, dark, and gory Rated - R flicks cut off a coveted demographics. Having no limits comes with costs, trust me. All those teens that are dropped off can’t go see it - I’ve seen the result of that and it can hurt potential blockbusters (ex: The Kingdom) and having it marked PG-13 can add a significant amount of revenue - Del Toro’s Hellboy is a great example of that.

Do the Predators win? If not, I’m not seeing it out of spite.

We all know, Arac, that the Aliens shall overcome. Or are these the Zerg?

Uncle Ghastly found it atrocious. (Contains spoilers, inasmuch as it’s a play-by-play review)

AvP was bad enough I have no interest in the sequal. After the suckfest that was Alien Resurrection I gave that franchise one last chance with AvP and they broke my heart.

On a side note the AvP games were decent.

Please note that I was a fan of both the AvP comic and the games that have come out (Capcom’s Beat-em-Up) and the PC FPS games. The first one just was so horrid that anything the second one could offer pretty much kicked ass. Planet Terror had some real ingredients for a winner, but this one takes the cake!

Arac: Predator owns.

The killed the hot chick!!!:bowser::bowser::bowser: I’m pretty sure this is the first movie with aliens or predators I was laughing at. True it was a good movie, with lots of awesome action, even a nuke. But still funny, the beginning with the dad and kid dying, wait they’re alive again; just kidding! was hilarious.