Algorithm FAQs

Does anyone know about any FAQs like this FFVI Algorithm FAQ for games FFVII and up?

There aren’t any. Reason is: FFVI and down are 16 bit games available on ROMs. When you get into CD based games, there isn’t any reliable way to hack all the code. Thus, you can’t get the exact algorithms. Sorry.

Actually, there was a forum (a forum that I frequent had a link to it, but its since been hacked and all old posts were deleted) that had a thread that was dedicated to exploring every facet of FFVII. And from what I can remember, they were pretty far along, too. Lately, there’s been more PSX emulators being released featuring more sophisticated development tools than previously.

I see, thanks for your replies.

I have an off-topic question for this thread though, is there a way to get rid of the ‘Runaway Dog’ thing under my name?

Have more posts or join the staff and it’ll be changed but you can’t loose the tilte.

There is an algorithm FAQ for FF Tactics on GameFAQs, but that’s because it was “reverse-engineered” - FFT has very little randomness and so it’s not as hard to figure out stuff, especially with GameShark hacking. It’s still frickin’ enormous though.

I didn’t know that any of that stuff existed, and could be found out by hacking…does that harm the game in any way?

You can’t really change read only data, the most that would get fucked up would be your save games.

You can only change it if you’re fiddling around with a ROM on a computer. Which is generally what hacking games entails anyway.

Or ripping the cd image and finger banging the many different files into submission. :smiley: