Alcohol and Haircuts

I think it might be pathological, because this is the second time I’ve asked my friend, Mike, to give me a mullet. Now you are probably thinking, “he must have been pretty damn drunk to ask for a mullet.” But sadly, I was the sober one, Mike was the one who’d had five or so drinks.

So now I am sporting a mullet for a few days, and let me tell you, it is a lot of fun to see how people react to mullets. I am not usually seen as a hick at all, and its funny to see how both friends and strangers respond to a very trashy hair-style.

What would you do if your best friend started sporting a mullet?

For the record, I will have it shaved off within three days.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my friends got one. But I’d sure as hell laugh my ass off if one did! What’s the point in having it short in the front if it’s long in the back? oh right, I forgot… “business in front, party at back!”

I’ll show you a party in the back!

You now need some REO Speedwagon T-shirts and a six pack of PBR



It’s clear he’s lying. No sober person on non-hick would willing get a mullet…without getting paid. Even then, a person wouldn’t keep it as long as he has. The real kicker is him saying he was sober and let his drunk friend cut his hair. So…yawn, very nice piece of fiction.



Inept I am, but here [i hope] is the pic


Upload the pic and then post whatever link it gives you for Forums.

You have a picture of Bush on your computer screen.

That doesn’t look bad. And that picture on his screen is Info’s post on this exact thread.

RPGC blue, I see.
I never really thought they looked bad, but I’ve never judged people by hairstyle. Except blonde dreadlocks. Those make my soul cry briefly, but heartily.

Oh my God. You’re just freakin’ insane and crazy. Nice computer though.

That’s my sig, also look, it says “Gore 2000.”

The background being this thread was very intentional, as it dawned on me how easy it would be to just go get some random schmuck with a mullet, I decided that I needed some proof that it was me. Rather than hold up some stupid note that had the name Delita on it, or a line like, “Dev asked, and you all recieve” I decided to just take the pic with the thread in background, and Nick’s sig was the easiest to see from a distance, so I chose his contribution to the thread.

The post was legible when I looked at it. :smiley:

two empty cans of dr.pepper and candy wrappers? you sir, have a problem! :hahaha;
the mullet is ok… i was expecting you to have longer hair, so the mullet would of had more of an effect… but whatever.

How do you know they’re empty, hmm?