Albert Oddesey -Legend of Eldean-

Well, I just completed the game today.

It’s been a long time since I got into a new(in the sense that I had not played before, not something recent) RPG, I think the last one was FFIX back in 2000~2001.

Anyways, I have to say that I found the experience quite pleasant. Yep folks, it’s time for a review by yours truly.

Here we go:

Storyline: Ok, the usual “boy saves the world from a super evil villain” plot, nothing new there. But it’s still interesting how the characters interact with each other. You can actually sense a personality in each character. That alone saves the predictable story and plot twists.

Graphics : 2D Spritey goodness for the most part. It’s nice to see animated enemies and characters in battle as opposed to static images just flashing when they do a move. The world map, however is ugly, everything is pixelated. Towns, caves, mountains and other locales look wonderful and add a bit of uniqueness to the environments and nothing gets dull to look at.

Sound/Music/Voices: Sound effects just do their part and don’t sound annoying. The music is easily one of the best parts of the experience. I hadn’t found a theme I didn’t like, all solid and fairly memorable. The voices are a mixed bag, it’s mostly during the battles that some of them just don’t sound right… What I mean is that it can get annoying fast.

Battles: This game employs the classic wait time battle system, so no need to rush when choosing spells or items. Everyone gets their turn based on their agility. In a battle, you can either do a straight attack, use magic/special skills, use items, defend or run from battles. One thing that hurts these is the load times in and out of battles, ranging from 3 to 5 seconds of wait. It doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, but in the end, you eventually get sick & tired of enemy encounters.

Learning/Special System : None, you just learn spells/techniques at a preset level.

Fun: Yes, it’s a great game to discover, and you quickly get immersed into the colorful and imaginative world. Some of the boss battles are fairly challenging, some downright cheap. (Those who played the game know which ones I mean)

Replayability: I personally wouldn’t mind diving in back into it later on, but once you know the tricks, it loses a bit of its fun factor.

Durability: I think it took me around 20 hours or so to beat it… a couple of dungeons took me a few hours to complete because I got lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall: Yes, I honestly think Albert Oddesey -Legend of Eldean- is a solid old-school RPG that can certainly be enjoyed even by new-school gamers. I’d go as far to say it’s a good reason to own a Saturn :slight_smile:

For a score… I’d give it 90%

You know,I always wanted to play the Albert’s Oddesey that’s in the super nintendo but unfortunatly it never came out in the US and nobody has made a translation patch(that I know of),I would certainly play this game if I had a saturn nonetheless.

I just finished Albert Odyssey for Saturn a few months ago. I have similar feeling about it. It’s a nice, solid RPG with lots to like. The NPC have to be the funniest I have ever seen in a game, even eclipsing the NPC in the Launar series. I would actually look for people to talk to in towns, just to hear what they had to say.

The battles can get frustrating since some of them can take from 45- to an hour or so, like the fights with Bablan. The fights like this aren’t all that interesting either, you just trade blows, heal, and keep doing that for a long time.

Leveling up is nice too, you get much more Exp than you did in the Japanese version, so it’s never a chore. :mwahaha: