Alara Diamondrain-Demon Huntress

Sorry Gilgamesh that I am kind of copying you, but recently (last week or so) I decided to make a new NPC to join my group. Their last NPC, a Lizardfolk Barbarian, felt homesick, plus they were currently in a desert, so he decided to head back to his native swamp. Anyway, so I made a new NPC, a female half-elven third level cleric/ third level Paladin (yes I am aware she can no longer take any levels as a cleric, or she will become an ex-paladin) who has heard rumors of an evil outsider in the area. I wasn’t going to have her join the party full-time, but after completing her character sheet and thinking about it, I fell so much in love with this character that I did not only decide to have her permantly join the party, but I also wrote a three page backstory on her, and here it is…

Alara Diamondrain was born into a peaceful village consisting of humans, elves, and fellow half-elves. The village, Etherwood, was a secluded establishment found deep in the heart of the Azurestream Forest. It was a place where elves and humans who disagreed with the racial tensions shared by the majority of their races could live in harmony with each other. After forming their village, the elves prayed to their creator, Corellon Larethian, asking for a way that their human friends could share their privelage of long life. Corellon, teetering on the idea, decided to conspire with Pelor, the diety worshiped by most humans. Pelor also had a fondness for this village, and agreed to the elves’ request. Corellon then sent the villagers a gift; the Everstone. An ovular, deep green fist sized gem, surrounded by golden leaves, the Everstone brought the humans of Etherwood the lifespan of the elves. Together, the two races lived for centuries, praising Corellon and Pelor together.

One day, a half beaten human, claiming he had been ransacked by a tribe of bloodthirsty orcs, wandered into the town, seeking help for his wounds.  The generous and caring people of Etherwood took him in.  After healing him, they told him of the Everstone and offered him a home.  But this human was no human.  He revealed himself as a Doppelganger, and fled from the town.  As expected, the manipulative creature spread rumors of the Everstone, which intrigued many human bandits.  They began going through the forest and attacking the town, trying to gain hold of the Everstone.  The village, being peaceful and having no weapons, turned to their fey friends for help.  The fey, who respected the villagers because of their love for nature, defended the town.  Groups of centaurs, satyrs, and nymphs stopped the oncoming bandits.  And everyone was good once more.  The town lived on, presuming the threat of bandits over.

 But the humans were persistent.  A small legion of bandits came together and allied themselves with a tribe of orcs, promising them a longer life as well.  Together, the army attacked the forest.  They waged a bloody war with the fey, burning trees and slaying many of the forestfolk.  Goddess of the Wood, Ehlonna, felt a need to help, and sent down a group of medics to serve as medics in the war.  Even mother nature herself was angered by the onslaught.  She created a new fey.  They looked much like elves, but with lush, green vines for hair, and golden-tan skin.  They had the wings of an owl, and the talons of one for hands.  She were her most powerful and prized fey, and aptly named them, Defenders of Nature( a fey I created)  With the help up the defenders of nature, the fey overcame the orc-human army.  A small number of fey had died, but many bystanders, dryads mostly, fell dead when their oak trees were burned.  And only one person from Etherwood fell in this war.  A human named Geryl.  he felt the need to help their defenders, but sadly perished in battle, leaving behind his elven wife and young half-elven daughter, Alara.   Over time, the forest regrew and the fey replenished.  All in Azurestream was peaceful once more.  But the outside world...was still trecherous.

In another realm, far beyong the reaches of Azurestream, an arch-devil by the name of Bagalrahsh was defeated in battle by an arch-angel. he was then cast down to his previous form, a Pit Fiend. Now, the rest of the devils and demons would give anything to gain the power of a pit fiend, but Balgarahsh was infuriated. Until one day, in a human form (yes he is a magic pit fiend who can alter himself =P) he heard a rumor. A rumor now legend. A story of a small village in the forest, and a magical stone called the Everstone… Bagalrahsh researched this, and found a way he could use the stone. Not to elongate his life, no no…a way to become an arch devil once again…an immortal one.

The numbers of fey in the forest stood no chance against the wrath of Bagalrahsh. Even the defenders of nature fell before him. Fey fled the forest, but all of the villagers were slain. During the massacre, a half dead elven woman, burned, scarred, and bloody, called to a nymph who was escaping on a unicorn. She gave to the nymph her own daughter, with a plea to raise her well. The nymph accepted, and fled with young Alara Diamondrain.

   Bagalrahsh suceeded in obtaining the Everstone, yet the ritual he needs to become the immortal arch-devil still would take about a century to complete.  They fey found new homes in other forests, including the nymph who took in Alara.  She rose the half-elven girl into a beautiful young woman with auburn hair.  Alara, half from what she remembered, half from what was told to her by her foster mother, prayed to Ehlonna (who she was brought up to worship) and asked for guidance.  The Goddess of the Woodlands told her what she must do.  Alara vowed to travel the lands, extinguishing all demons and other evil outsiders, so that no more lives could be taken by their evil.  Ehlonna gave Alara a few magic items, including a quiver off of her own back, and also granted her a mighty unicorn.(Alara is ownly a third level paladin so she technically cannot have a paladins mount.  but this creature was given to her.  But, any stat or ability changes that a paladin's mount would recieve have not been factored in yet)  And so, Alara took off, on a mission to destroy the evil outsiders infesting the lands.  

   Many years passed, and Alara, armed with her evil outsider slaying sword(Geryl, named after her late father) and undead banishing morningstar, traveled the lands with her noble steed, Silverstride, killing demons in the name of Ehlonna.  A fully fledged paladin now, her prestige grew great and she became known as "The Demon Huntress."  Alara's search now brings her to the small dwarven town of Finath, where she has caught wind of an evil outsider who is using gargoyle's as pawns to kill the magical beats (mostly giant eagles and owls) in the mountains.  The Demon Huntress's job never ends... and evel never sleeps...

Another reason I posted this(besides seeing Gilgamesh’s and saying ‘hey why not post her here too’) I am thinking of writing an actual story based on Alara Diamondrain and her evil-slaying escapades.

Wow…that was fascinating. Good show, Izlude. I was a little surprised though, that, having being raised by faerie and woodland folk, Alara did not become chaotic good. But on the whole, a fine character background.