Akira Rpg

Okay … so as I’ve established before, I’ve got an <font face=Impact size=+1>AKIRA</font> RPG in the works. It’ll probably be done using RM2K3 … and these are all the various characters in it.

*Tetsuo (Number 41)
-Akira (Number 28)
-Tetsuo’s Arm
*The Colonel
-The Doctor
-The Harukiya Barman
-Masaru (Number 27)
-Takashi (Number 26)
-Kiyoko (Number 25)
-Lady Miyako (Number 19)

-Pills (biker gang)
-Clowns (biker gang)
-Wild Cocks (biker gang)
-Pretty Bombers (biker gang)
-Random Shabby-Looking Extras

1990 Old Tokyo (320x480)
1990 Old Tokyo with frickin’ huge burst of light (320x240)
The “Akira” explosion somewhere else in the world (320x240)

I’m not quite satisfied with Yama’s hair … and the chars with stars next to their names will also need in-battle sprites and face pictures. (I’ll probably con Trillian into making some of 'em …) But anyway … anyone else who wants to help out with this’d be welcome.

Question: What is it with your Akira obsession? It’s not THAT great! I’ve tried both the anime and manga out a couple times, and let me tell you, the movie is shit, and the manga is barely good! STOP IT WITH AKIRA! GAAAAH!

That’s a bit harsh, Gallo. People are entitled to their own opinions/insane creative undertakings. As always, if you aren’t interested, no one is forcing you to look at the thread.


That should simplify some of the charasets.

Hmm, that’s interesting, GG … and Galloway? If you don’t like what I’m doing, shove off.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
Hmm, that’s interesting, GG … and Galloway? If you don’t like what I’m doing, shove off.

Actually, once the initial rage from seeing the word “Akira” wears off, I like the idea. Then again, I like to see ANYONE try to make a good RPGMaker game, especially because it crushes what little ego I have to know that people can make great games while I can’t get a fucking move event to work in less than three months.

But I still hate Akira.

Heh. Apology accepted, Captain Ne-- er, Galloway. But I’m sure that, once I’ve gotten at least a demo out, and found some webspace to host it, you’ll at least like the execution.

I’ve just finished uploading sprites for the Colonel (whose hair I’m not satisfied with) and Joker (who I am satisfied with). Aww, heck, I’ll probably end up doing this all on my own.